Why Children Never Say No to Burgers & Fries

Children Never Say No to Burgers & Fries


Children simply love burgers. They get immense joy when they see burgers being served to them. The burgers that we enjoy today have gone through a whole lot of innovations to take the shape of the absolutely delectable dish that we know today. Burgers have come a long way since the time it was first created by White Castle in the year 1921 in Wichita in Kansas. The first ever fast food hamburger was not fried but was actually steamed. In 1937 the famous Big Boy chain was launched in Glendale in California. They came up with a tastier fried version of the earlier steamed hamburger. This was certainly the first chain that offered the much-loved and forever popular combo of burger, French fries, and smoothie or shake.

Eventually, we witnessed the dawn of an era dominated by the Burger giant McDonald’s and mushrooming of many chains worldwide. Burger retailing was given a whole new dimension. Today New York is regarded as the ultimate place for hamburger innovation as you could find the age-old favorite burger being served with new twists almost every day. The delicious patties are becoming even more enjoyable thanks to innovative composition and spices. Burgers are ruling the fast food scene and are equally loved by both children and adults alike. The novelty continues and burgers would never stop to fascinate and surprise you.

Children particularly crave for fries and burgers. They experience great fun and fulfillment if they are allowed to celebrate special occasions with their bosom friends by visiting the nearest fast food chain for burgers & fries. They cannot think of a better way to celebrate their special day. Parents are too happy to use the McDonalds discount coupons on such occasions.
There is a multitude of reasons to enjoy the big juicy burger and the crispy fries. The combo is certainly a feel-good food. There are very few bad days in anybody’s life that cannot really be fixed by a yummy juicy burger served just the way one loves.

It is Great Fun for Kids to Dress Burgers Up

Burgers are yummy and juicy and their taste compares to no other food. But the greatest feature that makes the burger the most loved food is the fact that you could dress it up the way you like. You are free to add almost anything that you would love to have on your burger and you can dip your French fries or fried chicken wings in mayonnaise or ketchup or even a cheesy dip as per your taste buds. It is truly a soul food for you. If your mood is off simply enjoy having a burger and dress it up your way and see your mood get uplifted in a jiffy.

No Big Deal
Everyone loves to eat fries and burgers as they involve no hard questions. You simply cannot go wrong with burgers as you have a host of options open to you. There is always something for everybody in the family. Opting for a burger is certainly the perfect choice on a really busy night. You could expect the food to be served pretty quickly. This is just the right food to order for kids as they just cannot wait when they are really hungry.
It is not a big deal to drive down and have a burger. It does not involve any formalities. You do not need to bother getting dressed up. You could walk into a fast food outlet anytime dressed in your office clothes or even in your yoga pants. You do not have to put in any extra efforts to dress up. Simply walk in, chill out and enjoy your much-loved meal. Hamburgers are quite affordable. You could take your entire family or invite your whole group of friends and yet do not end up breaking the bank.

Best Food for Bonding
Burgers & fries are certainly the perfect food to bond over. If you are out on your first date, or meeting up an old friend after ages or trying to become friends, it is best to be around comfort food. Moreover, the ambiance at a burger joint is truly relaxing and your food is served almost instantly, making it just the right icebreaker when you are reacquainting yourself with a friend from the past or getting to know new people.

Burgers & Fries Have Great Texture
The nicely grilled burger bun seems to be super-soft with a wee bit char and it never seems to get soggy. Burgers are warm and juicy and the fresh and yummy toppings are best for adding the perfect dose of crispiness. The cheese helps to infuse a mind-blowing creaminess to your hamburger while the condiments are added for extra flavor. Burger, when accompanied by crispy fries, could be forever delightful. What could be more satisfying than biting through the really crispy exterior of a fried chicken wing or a French fry or simply a mozzarella stick into the soft juicy and tender inside? The crunch really adds to the entire experience. Have it with the dipping sauce of your choice and feel the taste explode in your mouth!


Author Bio: Andrew Thompson is a food blogger and a food aficionado. He enjoys traveling and exploring the food scene everywhere he goes. He immensely enjoys fast food and on a busy night, he would invariably visit https://www.mcdelivery.co.in/ for his favorite burger & fries.

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