Six Reasons to Choose Assisted Living

Six Reasons to Choose Assisted Living

Assisted Living is for the old and the retired who need to be assisted in at least one of the daily basic chores but yet need to maintain independence and live in a homelike environment. Living in an Assisted Living facility is a highly recommended option for elder adults these days because of the liberal mindset that this era seems to possess. The ravages of time takes its toll on everyone eventually and if you have a family member or loved one who is having trouble living on their own, then Assisted Living Facility (ALF) is definitely a good choice.

Here are six reasons to choose Assisted Living Facility for your sake or for someone you dearly love.

 Choose Assisted Living

1. It is very painful to see our loved ones suffer and despite of all our best intention we still fall short in doing our best for them. So the Assisted Living facility emerged out of a dire need to make ‘caring’ a profession. It is a place for those people who have trouble living by themselves and have a decline in their health and need assistance for daily chores like bathing, eating, grooming, toileting etc. the staff and the people hired in these institutions have specialized in these field. It makes their daily life easier and ensure that bathroom, shower, eating or exercise do not hinder their everyday living.

2. Assisted Living Facility is not synonymous to nursing homes and independent homes. Independent living is a level below Assisted Living and enables more independence than assistance. Nursing homes, on the other hand are a higher level of Assisted Living, they have people that require medical attention twenty-four hour round the clock. See and observe what your loved one requires actually and make a wise decision that they should agree on too. But Assisted Living is a good initiation to explore the transition.

3. ‘’No man can live as an island journeying through life alone’’. We know how important it is to have companions and we also know that elderly people feel very lonely and isolated. We do take time out for them but it is hardly satisfactory. Elders need socializing as much as we do. 70% of the senior citizen’s are without their significant other so it is harder for them than we can presume. The adorably coupled elderly people would equally cherish socializing. Therefore in an establishment made exclusively for them, they are destined to find good socialization, friendship and solace. Their interest may vary- some people like playing cards, some reading books etc but everyone’s interest is respected and appreciated.

4. Assisted Living Facility offer diverse activities and services therefore making it more desirable than living independently at home. Activities would include indoor swimming pools, gym, yoga, pursuing ones hobbies of art and crafts etc. Three prepared meals a day and help with light housekeeping and laundry. Facilities of beauty parlors/ salons, fitness centers, post office, transportation is well considered. There are fun events then and again including musical concert and plays are scheduled to delight them. In most Assisted Living facilities pets are allowed as long as it can be properly looked after.

5. One of the crucial yet important parts of our everyday routine is transportation. Driving, often viewed as a sign of independence by the elderly, can be a threat to older adults and to other people on the road especially if the age has visually impaired him/her. Assisted Living community manages transportation to the doctors, appointments, shopping, recreation and even visiting friends. Transportation facility provided by ALF has been beneficial and blessing to many families. Independence is a vital philosophy of ALF but they also have rules and procedures designed to protect residents from harm. The choices and opportunities offered by the faculty are as well limited by various impositions rendering safety and protection of the resident. There will be people around to help them walk, be another set of eyes or help them up from a chair. The resident is given an alert pendant to wear to call for help.

6. The sixth and the final reason to choose Assisted Living is for the sake of family and old times. A very powerful yet real benefit of an Assisted Living is the restoration of family roles. For example, a spouse who has been acting as a nurse to her husband can get back to being a wife. A daughter who has been looking after her parents than her children can resume the role of a mother and as a daughter balancing the duties in harmony. With many lives we know and many roles we play it differently, ALF ultimately helps us to be the master of it all. By letting the trained staffs do the professional work to improve our loved ones lives.

Making a move requires plan-of-action and the thought-put-to-action is not necessarily easy and crystal clear because it is gaining something by giving up something else. The choices you make makes you, and the first step to happiness is by making the right one.

Author Bio – This article is written by James Andrews from Dallas Retirement Village specializing in providing the best independent living lifestyle in Oregon. If you’re on the lookout for some affordable Oregon senior housing options, do get in touch with Dallas Retirement Village today.


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