10 Best Games to Help you Enjoy Time with Your Child

10 Best Games to Help you Enjoy Time with Your Child

Our lives are filled with work and struggle nowadays. We are constantly chasing our dreams which is quite important but not at the cost of our family relationship. Having a family is one of the biggest assets and source of happiness and motivation. It is very important that you spend time with your loved ones to build a strong relationship. You need your family irrespective of how busy you are, and your family needs you. Understanding and strong bonds depend on how much time you spend with your family. It also reduces stress and helps you calm yourself. But the situation is vice versa. 

These days people have ignored the importance of spending quality time with their family members. Parents are so busy in their own lives that they forget that they are a crucial part of their children’s lives also. Time should be measured. Rather it should be spent with attentiveness. Parents often ask how to enjoy time with your child. The answer is simple in order to enjoy time with your kids, you just need to be attentive and cheerful. Playing with kids is a splendid option to build a good relationship.

You should spend time with your kids and family because it strengthens your bond with your kids and family. Kids will feel belonged and adults too. As we all are social beings, we need society to exist. Spending time with your family and child can reduce stress and make you happy. You also need to spend time To Inculcate Values in your child. They need to be guided and nurtured towards the right path. Kids often learn from elders, so you will see values in your child which you preach.

Spending quality time can let you make them understand the importance of values along with making great memories. You become their source of values. So be careful about what values you preach. Spending time with your child also makes them understand how important they are. As they are dependent on you and they need you, if you aren’t available, it can make them feel that they aren’t important. This can make them feel low and disturb them. Therefore spending time with your kid is also important for your kid. 

But due to this covid 19 pandemic, spending quality time is now restricted to some indoor activities. You can spend quality time playing games at home. There are various games to play at home with kids. Different age groups of kids like to play different games. So finding the best games to play with kids using the best kids products can be a tedious task.

Games to Play With your Kids

We have curated a list of the best games to play with kids . You can play these games to spend quality time with your kids.

  1. For babies who are below 9 months, there are a lot of games to play with little kids. You can play games like look and say, herein you ask them to point out things you say like find the cat, find the orange color, etc this game helps them to build their language skills and understanding. You can also use definite products to make them understand the difference.
  2. Another game is called Family Band, wherein you try to create music from things around you, like putting some beads in a bottle and letting your kids play and sing along. You can also use some musical instruments.
  3. Music can help to develop senses, embark creativity, and is a fun activity. The next option is to play the body game wherein you ask your child to name the body parts. Ask them where your year is, your eyes, etc. this can help them to learn with fun and understanding. 
  4. For Toddlers in between the age group of 1 to 2 years. There are ample games to play with young kids. Some of them are the box games where you create a car with the help of a carton box. This can be a cost-effective game. This is a very exciting game and the simplest one.
  5. Another game is Kitchen Drummer, wherein you create a drum with the help of kitchen tools like pots, bowls, pans, etc., just place them in one place, give them drumsticks and let them play whatever they want. This will entertain them and make them understand different sounds.
  6. Another game is Free drawing, wherein you just let your child play with colors. Paper and crayons or other paints are needed. Just let them explore their creativity and enjoy. The last game is known as wherein you just pass a ball and play with it. This activity helps them build confidence and trust with fun and excitement. 
  7. For Pre-school going children who are of age group 3 to 4 years, there are a lot of fun games for preschool children. Some of them are Run around and catch your kid. This is a very simple exercise, and doing this can help your kid exercise with fun.
  8. Another game is to identify the noise. In this game, you just make different animal sounds and ask your kid to identify which animal sound it is. Encourage your child and also ask them to make noises. This can help them understand more about animal sounds. 
  9. For Young children in the age group of  5 and 8 years, there are many games to play with young kids. Some of them are obstacles wherein you just place some obstacles like racing pillows,  furniture, toys, or any other object which is soft and safe. Then you can ask your child to just race around it. This is exciting, and it also lets your child understand that life is filled with obstacles in life.
  10. Another game is to do cooking wherein you just Cook a snack with your child. Ask her to use more and more colors and ingredients. You can assist them and use fireless cooking methods. This can help your child make their own food.


Playing with your kid is important, and more important is to play exciting games. These games can help to boost creativity in your child along with building your bond with them. So don’t wait for more to play all these games with your kids now.


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