4 Benefits of Playing Basketball Games Free


Around the parks and recreational areas of New Rochelle, you’ll find basketball courts filled with young men and women who are enjoying a pick-up game of hoops.  Whether you’re at Five Islands Park or in your own neighborhood you’ll find that playing basketball offers you positive benefits that enhance your health and well-being.  In her article, “Benefits of Being a Basketball Player,” written for Livestrong.com, Ivy Morris writes that, “Basketball can improve your health and teach skills that last a lifetime.”  Let’s look at some of the benefits that you’ll receive when you engage in the exciting sport of basketball.

Playing basketball in New Rochelle with a team of friends can keep you in shape for organized school sports

Playing Basketball Games Free

  1. Playing Basketball Games Free improves your coordination.  When you’re engaged in the fast-paced game of basketball, you’re running up and down a court, dribbling the ball, passing it to your teammates, shooting for a score and burning more than 600-700 calories an hour.  You will improve your endurance, your stamina, and build muscles in your arms, stomach, and of course your legs.  The more you play the stronger you’ll get so keep that in mind as you schedule games with your friends.
  2. You’ll improve your brain functions.  This strenuous physical activity stimulates your brain and boosts your mental health with the endorphins that are released.  With a good workout, you’ll reduce your stress and find that you sleep better at night.  Knowing the rules of basketball and observing where and when to pass the ball are challenges that keep you focused and concentrating on the task at hand which is scoring more points and winning the game.
  3. You’ll learn how to be a member of a team.  Working with others is a skill that will be expected in every aspect of your life and by being a member of your basketball team, you can learn how to work together, how to overcome obstacles as a group, and how to solve situations that face you in a game.  You learn to work as a unit, to listen to others, and to compromise for the good of the team.
  4. You develop social skills that go with you into the rest of your life.  Whether you’re playing on a league team, in your neighborhood, or in one of the fitness facilities in Westchester County, playing basketball in New Rochelle will help you to form friendships that will last a lifetime.  You will learn how to deal with different types of people and their personalities and how to relate to them in a positive manner.

As you interact with teammates you’ll increase your confidence which will carry over into your daily life.  You’ll be in top physical shape, have a group of friends to support you, and the skills that may be used in organized school sports as you get older.  By playing at one of the premier facilities in New Rochelle, you can gain knowledge and improve your talents as you work with a personal trainer or coach. Some sports clubs can provide elite basketball training with coaches who have trained current NBA players. This kind of intense training program will enhance your basketball skills and give you well-earned confidence on the court.

When you embark on a training regime for any sport it is important that you have your level of fitness assessed. A personal trainer will be able to spot your weak areas and work with you to strengthen those areas and get you ready for the top flight in your chosen sport. Other sports activities can help you with your overall level of fitness and stamina. Many athletes choose to train with a mixture of activities that include low impact sports such as cycling and swimming which protect their joints from injury.

Joining a sports club will give you all of the benefits of personal trainers, a variety of sports equipment and classes and the luxury of saunas and steam rooms to help you wind down and relax. Choose a sports club with top basketball coaches so that you can excel at your chosen sport.

Basketball is a great pastime that offers you physical as well as mental and social benefits.


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