Guidelines to how to find literary agents

As a writer, you must be well aware that self-publishing your works every time is not healthy for success. It is vital that at some point you find a literary agent as their job is to represent you. Their job profile also includes arranging and negotiating your writing deals with a publication house. The literary agents come with contacts and can introduce you to the world of authors and publishers. After completion of your work, you can forward the manuscript to the agent which is further sent to editors and publishers by them. This is the reason why they play a key role in every author’s success. So how do you find an agent?
It is important for you to know that it is not an easy task to find a reliable one among the crowd of literary agents. Some of them are in search of writers whose work is known prior to them, whereas others look for authors who write books of a specific genre. It is vital that you know how to classify them and accordingly choose the suitable agent.
When you are a newbie to the writing industry, it is your job to create a manuscript and further edit and proofread it. The sample pages or the “pilot” as they call it must be catchy in order to get a good proposal. This work you display to an agent must be polished to the best level. As you begin the road to find a literary agent, you will be required to spend a lot of time to understand the overall publication business. One of the best sources for information today is the internet. You can easily come across the list of agents who are on the lookout for the works of new breed of writers.
Usually, the online stores allow you to enter the category or the Bisac code and the country where you wish to find an agent. The search option narrows down the inventory of literary agents from different countries including Australia, India, and the United Kingdom. You can go ahead and contact a potential agent and hope that he or she opens the gates of the world that you always wished to.


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