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In business everyone is aiming to be successful. There are ways you can measure success to some degree. In business these often fall into five different sections: increase business profits, a strong and growing customer base, happy customers, happy employees and your own satisfaction.

Healthy Profits

Measuring success often comes down to the profits you are making. If your company is comfortably covering the expenses, debt and you still have a healthy sum left over then you know things are going well. If you are constantly in the red you have a way to go and perhaps it is time to look at your business plan and operating methods and make some essential changes.

 A Healthy Customer Base

As well as good profits you need to be growing a great customer base. This is a sign that shows that you are effectively targeting the right markets. If you don’t have a good customer base you need to look at your marketing and see where you are going wrong. Long term success demands that you are reaching the right audience and this will help you to achieve your long term goals. Spend time in research and development to make your business pay off.

Excellent Customer Satisfaction

Happy customers show you that you fully understand them and their needs. You are able to keep them satisfied and in return your business is booming. You will have excellent customer service policies in place and meeting them well. If your customers are not happy your business can suffer greatly. One bad review or a complaint that is badly dealt with can cost you greatly. If you don’t have a clear set of procedures in place it is time to create them, train your employees and take control of this vital area.

Smiling, Satisfied Employees

Keeping employees satisfied is a good indicator of your success. You should be able to maintain your staff and keep them motivated in a healthy working environment. You need to find the right mix between being someone who is a pleasure to work for and getting the most out of each individual to the benefit of the company and the individual. Show your appreciation for their work often, provide incentives and make sure everyone feels like a valuable part of the team.

Your Own Satisfaction

A successful business will mean nothing if you are not happy. If you are not happy or satisfied it is likely that your employees will pick up on the negativity and as a result your whole business will be affected. Your life should never be fully focused on the business alone, especially when you have made it into a successful and healthy company. Make sure you reward yourself for your success and hard work. When you have great profits you can treat yourself to a better home, buy the best Marine chandlery from Ride the waves for your boat, go on incredible holidays, stay in luxurious hotels and drive the best cars. The high life is there for the taking, make sure you are enjoying it.

The author is a freelance writer who spends his days writing for a living and managing a successful copywriting company. He shares advice and tips with fellow entrepreneurs and his work is frequently published online and can be found in print. Besides focusing on business he also enjoys writing about gadgets and technology.



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