Top Five Ways to Keep Your Beauty Routine on Point While Flying

Ways to Keep Your Beauty Routine on Point While Flying-

Airplane travel may be a fast and convenient way to see the world, but from stale air to screaming babies, it’s rarely an experience that leaves its participants looking anything less than haggard. While there’s little you can do about too-talkative fellow travelers or a sub-par in-flight movie selection, you can still ensure that you arrive in style by taking these tips to maintain your beauty routine, even in a plane’s cramped quarters.


Catch some Zs: There are very few things in this world as good for your looks, mind, and general sense of well-being as a good night’s sleep, so make it your prerogative to get plenty of rest while you’re in the air. While airplane seats may be notoriously uncomfortable, there are still plenty of ways to create a cozy sleep space for yourself while you’re on a plane. Instead of using the small, stiff, and uncomfortable pillows and blankets provided by the airlines, bring a bit of upscale comfort that will allow you to nap peacefully on the plane. Nest Casa’s Kajaal Travel Blanket Kit is unbelievably soft and luxurious, making it a piece of cake to catch a few Zs. In addition to the blanket’s incredible comfort and chic design, it’s also the perfect size for any carry-on bag, folding up for travel in a petite and attractive zipped case. To keep light from keeping you up, make sure you pack a soft sleep mask to cover your eyes — silk versions are the least likely to cause irritation, while the gentle pressure applied by memory foam masks can help users fall asleep easier.

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Stay hydrated: While it may be tempting to spend your time in the air throwing back cocktails or coffee, one of the best ways to keep looking and feeling your best is to make water your number one priority. Air travel is notoriously dehydrating, so make sure you’re consuming plenty of water and other non-alcoholic liquids while you’re in-flight. Of course, keeping yourself hydrated isn’t entirely about drinking enough H20 — it’s important to make sure you’re staying moisturized, too. Evian’s portable facial mist is ideal for refreshing a plane-plagued complexion, and tinted moisturizers are a wonderful alternative to traditional foundation when your face is feeling parched.


Do a vanishing act with your makeup: You may want to look your best when you’re kissing your significant other goodbye at the gate, and it’s definitely important to look polished when you step off the plane, but consider the hours in-between a much-needed time out from your usual glam routine. Pack moisturizing makeup remover wipes in your carry-on and take off your face once you’ve found your seat. Not only will you have a blank canvas to work with once you arrive at your destination, you’ll save the trouble of sleeping in complexion-ruining cosmetics and the embarrassment of a lipstick-marked pillow.


Try a treatment in-flight: While we certainly wouldn’t advocate for any methods of beautification that might disrupt your seatmates, whether it’s applying nail polish or flat ironing your hair, there are a number of covert beauty treatments you can enjoy in flight without anyone being the wiser. If you’re dealing with troublesome tresses, apply an oil treatment to your mane, pile your hair up under a scarf or in a loose bun, and reap the reward of softer, shinier hair once you hit the tarmac. For a more brilliant smile, put whitening strips on before you take off and you’ll have a brighter, whiter smile by the time you reach your destination. If you’re worried about showing your toes in sandals after skimping on pedicures, put some AHA lotion on those piggies, pull on a pair of your coziest socks, and arrive with feet that are beach-ready.


Keep it simple: Traveling with an entire suitcase just for beauty products may be an option, but it’s not a particularly practical one. Save yourself the hassle and baggage fees by keeping just a few multi-use beauty products in your carry-on bag and you’ll not only have an easier time refreshing your look before you touch down, you also won’t have to worry about leaving anything behind. A well-packed makeup case is often the best weapon against beauty blunders, so leave it to a few key items: a tinted moisturizer, which will even out your skin tone while hydrating, a palette with multiple natural eye shadow colors to highlight your eyes and to use as contouring powder, and a crème blush to lend a healthy, dewy glow to your cheeks and to pretty up your pout.


Whether you’re jetting across the state or across the world, you can still look pretty and polished after a flight if you pack right, sleep tight, and make the most of your time in the air.

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