Make it Your New Year’s Resolution to Follow This One Simple Tip!

Follow This New Year’s Resolution

If you want to achieve something in life such as a goal or objective or even better your life-long dream, follow this simple little tip…do one thing every day that brings you closer to it.

It sounds simple, but how many people actually do it?

Your New Year’s Resolution

Every day, do something that brings you one step closer to your goal or objective or whatever it is you aspire towards.

In fact, make it a daily habit!

What sort of thing should you do every day? Preferably it will be something that makes a noticeable difference, but if not, something small will do, just as long as – in some small way – it brings you closer to the thing you want.

  • Why?

Well, aside from the obvious benefit, which is that you will be one step closer to your objective, it will also give a feeling of accomplishment. And if you do that one thing at the beginning of your day, it will start your day off on a positive note, which is why I always try and do my one thing first thing in the morning. I find that when I start my day off on a positive note it puts me in an upbeat frame of mind which allows me to easily deal with the day’s minor annoyances.

Another benefit is it will give you a sense of being in control of your life; that you are in charge of where it’s going, which is a wonderful feeling.

But before I proceed any further on this, I must ask an obvious question…do you even have a goal or an objective or a dream, because if you don’t, you are limiting yourself.


Each and every one of us should always have something to work towards, because having that thing to think about forces you to focus your mind on it and once that happens, it changes your outlook on life. Suddenly the future seems rosier because you have something to look forward to; you’ll feel happier. And when that happens, you will have a positive effect on your health.

Studies have shown that people who are happy, upbeat and positive have stronger immune systems, get sick less often and get better quicker when they do. So, there is a lot more to ‘do one thing’, than just putting you on the path to achieve that thing that inspires you; it also makes you stronger.

If all you ever do is rattle around with no specific goal or objective to focus on, you will get exactly what you focus on…nothing.

Or worse, you will get what you did not want.

Ever heard the expression, an idle mind is the devil’s playground? Well, there’s more to it than just some old wives tale. Having an idle mind with nothing to focus your attention and energy on allows your mind to wander and when it does it will quite naturally start to focus on things that worry you, which are …the things you do not want


  • And then what?

Well your subconscious mind tends to steer you towards whatever you focus your attention on so if you are focused on something negative, guess what you are going to get?

That negative thing!

However, if you have an objective clearly established in your mind, preferably something inspirational, it causes you to think about it and when you do, you will start to think of ways to achieve it. And if you actually start to take action on your ideas, your objective gets closer and closer to being achieved.


  • Which would you rather achieve; something you do want or something you don’t?

So, if you don’t currently have an objective or some kind of goal or a dream in mind that you’re working towards, do yourself a favor and think of one. Take the time to clarify in your own mind what you most desire in life. Don’t be vague about it, be very specific. If you can’t sit down with a friend and describe it to them in such detail they can clearly picture it, then it’s not specific enough.


  • So, what could that one thing be that you do each day?

Start by making a list of things you need to do to bring your dream into reality. Or if you already have a list, take action on one of the items that needs doing. If there is something on the list that appears daunting, try breaking it down into smaller more manageable chunks.

Read a book or a chapter of a book on a subject you need to master to help you realize your dream. If your objective is to own your own vineyard then read up on an area of wine-making you don’t already know.

Sign up for a course; read a book; take notes; make a plan; if your dream is going to require you to be physically fit to accomplish it, then work out! Just do something, even if all you do on any given day is review your list of things to do, at least it’s something.

The important thing is to start making progress on the realization of your dream. Doing so will boost your energy levels and make you feel more positive and more alive; it will make you feel happier.

In the process of taking action on the things you need to do to bring your dream into reality you will be focusing your mind on that thing that inspires you and you will notice interesting things start to happen. Suddenly ideas will pop into your head out of nowhere on ways to help bring your dream closer to reality. You will start to notice things and pick up on little clues that will help bring you closer to your dream.

Make use of your social media networks to put the word out on what your objective is. Put posts on your social networks; Put posts on Facebook, send out Tweets, set up a page on Pinterest and post pictures of the thing you are pursuing. Make everyone aware of what you are after. You never know who is going to read those posts, it could be someone who can help you.

Now, get into the habit of doing something every day. If at first you have to force yourself to do that one thing every day, so be it; eventually it will become your new routine.

If you do one thing every day to bring you closer to your dream, even if it is a baby step, eventually you will run out of things to do and you will be standing in front of that thing you desire.

Make it your New Year’s resolution to do that one thing every day.

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Copyright 2015 – MD Tinney, author of “Re-Energize Your Life”


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