Halloween costume ideas from classic horror Hollywood films

Halloween is nearing and preparation for Halloween are already well underway. That is why we have come up with some of the best diverse and creative Halloween costume ideas and they are sure to inspire you and help you with your costume choice this Halloween. Make sure you have the right spooky costume and Halloween contact lenses Australia to go with them. These ideas of frightening costume were inspired by famous horror films. These ideas will give you a taste of different genres and also keep you in touching distance of some old movies to give you a nostalgic feel while not forgetting the modern movies..

When we chat about the ideas of well-known horror Halloween costumes and movies, we should definitely talk about some real classics alongside all the latest ones. Certain costumes such as Count Dracula and mom are always a favorite and popular choice among Halloween lovers. While count dracula seems creepy others are also quite scary such as the Freddy Krueger of “A Nightmare on Elm Street”  and Chuky the killer cursed doll or main characters of “13 ghosts” and “Texas Chainsaw Massacre.” Today werewolves are particularly popular among teens because of the TV show teen wolf, but most of the classic movie fans still remember the grand role of Jack Nicholson in “Wolf – the animal in man.” We collected for you the best ideas for Halloween costumes from the latest and classic horror movies for you. In order to make them work, you’ll require to match them with the right Halloween contact lenses Australia. You can buy the best halloween contact lenses from here.

The modern cinema has so much to offer too and also there are so many amazing tips in the modern movies such as  “Scream Scream “. The fan favourite series as “Star Wars” and “Harry Potter” has some classic villains like Voldemort or Darth Vader, who are excellent choice for Halloween costumes. –



It was confirmed in the Stephen King’s IT that Pennywise returns to feast on children every 27 years, so it was right for him to return to the cinemas in 2017 since the IT  premiered in 1990, that too after 27 years, quite creepy that.Clowns on Halloween has been a quite common costume but now that It chapter 2 is out now you can see more of spine chilling Pennywise costumes on the streets. And it is not such a difficult costume to get hold of, just get the paint right on your face, or a mask will do and the red wig of that clown. Remember to don the red coloured halloween contact lenses to match the costume.



Another great horror prospect, Jason Voorhees. He became a relentless force once he rose from the depths of despair of Camp Crystal Lake. As an added bonus, Halloween is going to hit around the time hockey season starts this year, So make sure to get the horror mask on for the game and if you want to add more creeps then use black out contact lenses.



The Texas Chainsaw Massacre is known for the birth of the slasher genre and have been one of the most successful horror movies. Leatherface was the original slasher and he was frighteningly relentless, who would not give up until he slashes some flesh. Leatherface throws all the slow suspense out the window and brings the chills out while he chases his victims at full speed with a chainsaw blaring. You need to be that loud if this is your choice of Halloween costume. Your ghastly look will be enough to get the heads turning on October 31st.


What to do when Freddy’s coming for you? Freddy Krueger is an iconic horror film character and a truly terrifying character ever brought to the big screen! Unlike other slashers such leatherface and jason voorhees you cannot get away or hide from him.No matter where ever you are, he will find you. Freddy haunts his victims in their dreams, so if you think you’ve outrun him or hid from him, he’ll just turn up again because you never lost him. You could become the nightmare of children and teens around your street with the Freddy Krueger costume and bright red coloured contacts you can really turn up the screams this Halloween.


Dolls never made it comfortable for anyone, and what better to dress up as chuky the murderous cursed toy. Chucky was introduced in Child’s Play nearly 30 years ago but it has still to go away from the big screen let alone from the choice of Halloween costume. If you’re going to be Chucky for Halloween, just get the right mask and dress for chucky the doll with light blue coloured contact lenses.