Have you ever spent your last minute holiday at a Tennessee State Parks?


In this hectic lifestyle, people rarely get time out for vacations with family or friends. Even if they plan for one, half the fun is gone into figuring out where to stay and how to reach the place. The surprise of a last minute holiday is almost gone. The reason is that there are hardly places where you can just drive in and get everything required for holidaying. The need to have such tourist-ready parks has been on the rise, since many wants to break off from the busy week into a weekend without prior planning. Converting vacationing into a form of instant entertainment like movies has been the sole challenge for the tourism department.

In a bid to address the issue, they have set up a few vacation spots in and around the US where people go drive in and get everything required for a family trip ready. Take for example the Tennessee State Parks. It has a huge gamut of amusement arcades and services to offer.

Places to stay

You can book the deluxe or the rustic cabins for friends or family over the internet and phone. Since they are many in numbers and the number of families going in for last minute holiday is still very low, there is all probability to get a booking. The cabins are comfortable and big with attached facilities of air conditioning and spacious toilets. Besides that, you can enjoy the unique set of entertainment options that the parks have to offer.

tennessee state parks running tour


You can start with camping as an activity. It is strenuous and hence good for the health. It gives the required rush of adrenaline to keep you smiling and healthy. It can provide a unique experience for your family in spending some time outdoors.



If you have been missing the long sessions of fishing all day long in the city, these parks give you the unique opportunity to pick up the fishing rod again! So, take a break for a last minute holiday and you can get back to your younger days and share with your kids a tip or two about fishing!


Picnic facilities

In case you are there with your family, you may like to spend the time peacefully. You have dedicated picnic spots where you can take them for a simple picnic. You can sit in the most serene spots to enjoy nature and food.



If you are there with friends for a last minute holiday and you are striving for some excitement, then there can be none better than hiking. Pick up the kit, equip yourself for a climb, and go ahead to shed some sweat and enjoy the unique experience of hiking through the parks of Tennessee.



Many special events of aesthetics and entertainment are held from time to time. You can check the event calendar online and pick up one of your liking, registering yourself for the same. This will give you another reason to visit the parks.


Have you ever been so crazy to chalk out a last minute holiday plan with your family or friends? Next time you do so, make sure to visit the Tennessee State Parks and let us know what you gained!


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