Top 5 Most Popular Musicals In Official London Theatre

London is renowned for its theatre performances. With a diverse amount of theatre culture, London attracts thousands of eager crowds every day. Some theatre shows that have originated in London have a positive worldwide reputation. As theatre shows are so in demand some performances run upwards of 25 years!. London has a high reputation for producing spectacular performances audiences are very rarely let down even when their expectations are sky high. Here are Top 5 Most Popular Musicals In Official London Theatre productions from around the globe that have been highly successful in London theatres;
Les Miserables
This is the west ends longest running musical in history!. Therefore it has to be put at number one. Using the foundations of Victor Hugo’s work the gripping Les Miserables musical was produced. Set in France during the 1800s it really does bring you back to the French culture. With amazingly talented live orchestra pieces Les Miserables really is a stunning production.
Les Miserables is an epic tale of destruction and passion which is set on a revolution gripped nation. It highlights the Jean Valijean tale. He befriends the bishop of Digne after he is released from prison. However, he steals a pair of golden candlesticks. The bishop quickly forgives him in order to protect him from the police, but jean makes a promise of turning his life around…. 
people watching similar movies, putting on the same clothes, and thinking alike, resistance is growing. The question is whether Galileo can assist them to break free.
Wicked is a musical based on the novel written by Gregory Maguire. Wicked tells a story of two girls being schooled in the land of Oz. The girls adopted different paths one became good and the other wicked. With breathtaking scenery and amazing costumes Wicked is an exquisite production.
Wicked is billed as the Witches of Oz untold story. It starts with their way of life at sorcery school and it ends as they meet Dorothy at Yellow Brick Road for fulfillment of their destinies as Glinda, wicked and the good Witch of the west. It is important to watch original movie to enable you enjoy the plot fully. Its running time is roughly 2 hours 45 minutes.
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