What Factors Contribute To Freight in Shipping Quotes?

These days, geographical barriers no longer prevent us from trading with other states or countries that are not on our doorsteps. Instead, the exorbitant costs of freight shipping quotes are what are preventing this from occurring as often as we would like. Whilst timely deliveries are crucial to the success of your business it is important that this is not achieved at the detriment of your bank account, which is why you should take the time to look for the best possible price.But what sorts of factors play a role in these quotes?
  • Location/Destination – Where the freight needs to be picked up from and where it needs to be taken to will play a major role in the quote that you receive. This is because the transport company has to account for the time its drivers are taking to make the delivery and for the petrol needed to power their vehicles. If the freight needs to be taken a long way you will obviously be asked to pay more.
  • Dimensions – The size of the delivery will also play a role in how much you are charged; if the freight that you are transporting is quite large, you may even need a few vehicles to get it all there, whereas if it is quite small you may be able to share the vehicle with someone else. Packages that are awkwardly shaped can also bump up the quote, as it may be quite hard to move, load and unload.
  • Weight – This does not only include how heavy the freight itself is, it also includes how heavy the packaging you have chosen is. If possible, you should choose a type of packaging that ensures your delivery reaches its destination intact without wasting valuable space. You should also choose a type of packaging that is relatively lightweight without compromising on the security of its contents.
  • Transport – Your freight shipping quote will also be dependent on the mode of transportation that you have chosen. Trucks are generally considered to be the most affordable option, but if you have no other choice then to transport via rail, air or even sea you will be forced to pay a little extra. If possible, try to combine two or three of these options for the most cost effective method.
  • Fragility – Believe it or not but the fragility of your freight can also play a role in how much you are charged. This is because fragile items must be handled carefully, which can often cause the entire delivery to be a more time consuming process. Items that aren’t fragile at all can often help to bring your quote down, as the drivers are able to toss them around without fear of breaking them.
Regardless of whether you are seeking a freight in shipping quote for a domestic or an international delivery, it is important to keep in mind that there a variety of factors that can play a role in how much you are charged. Unfortunately, there is very little that you can do in some of these cases (such as the weight of the items or its dimensions), but in the areas that you can make a difference (such as its packaging and even its mode of transport) it is important that you do whatever you can to lower the costs.
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