How Terrorism philosophy affect future world unknowingly

Americans people unanimously voted OBAMA for urgent solution to grave problem of war on Terrorism and Iraq tensions or terrorism trends.Mostly supporters of OBAMA always felt that Bush led war on Terrorism and Iraq was Hitler way of solution to OSAMA led Terrorism.Post,9/11 American’s led by Bush were trying too hard to end never ending cancer of Terrorism.
Bush, was trying hard to use simple formula that if Terrorism killed Americans people they will kill Terrorist.and
So, Bush led war on Terrorism cost lot of expenses and losses to every American’s for weeding out OSAMA’s Terrorist network.
 War On Terror


American’s just couldn’t tolerate why they couldn’t stop evil Terrorism post 9/11 where many brave soldiers lost there lives to kill cancer of terrorism.   Finally, Bush failed to solve and many critics, tax payers, industrialist where against heavy cost led war on Terrorism which had no result’s a result OBAMA was elected to stabilized American Life  economy.Osama was still poisonous to destroy American Life and was waiting to plan new attacks as reported by breaking news in media.


Many suicide bombers were targeting US hi-tech soldiers on daily basis that even after decade or long struggle with terrorist there were just killing on both sides. It was just revenge scenario on parts of Bush, OBAMA and Osama just to prove the world that they are fighting for Justice or Honor killings or war in the name of justice.   Finally ,at  Abbott bad OSAMA was killed like mutton in his own den after long hiding from American spys and many Americans people gathered to show there happiness and peace.


So, where is peace or justice of mind I ask you all because its just killing .when OSAMA killed so many Americans in 9/11 many Psychos terrorist were happy but, when OBAMA order to execute OSAMA without any UN approval many Americans, media hyped of Justice had been done.   Can we Americans call ourselves Psychos as well as we did same what OSAMA did to our people in 9/11.Due to  war on Terrorism ,Iraq many innocent life got lost in drone attacks so due to bombings many Terrorism are born just to kill and attack Americans who killed there innocent family.

 terrorism philosophy
Is this cruel peace in minds of Americans to support OBAMA to take revenge and prove that justice is made.If it is then we Americans (OBAMA) should start do all what mentally sick people in world even if it’s your brother, sister.
Can you kill your brother, sister if he/she is Psycho brainwashed if you have licensed to kill .No one will like to kill people even if they are mentally people.
So, I wish you all at least spread my word and it’s up to us now to save America and world in democratic way.


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