How to Increase Your Testosterone Level Naturally?

How to Increase Your Testosterone Level Naturally?

Testosterone is the main sexual and anabolic hormone in men. It is responsible for your sexual desire, muscular hypertrophy, densification of bones, and of course the hair growth. Men produce over 10 times more testosterone, but women are more sensible to its effect. Testosterone is responsible for many things that happen in your body such as your sexual desire, bone formation, protein synthesis, and muscle growth. If testosterone is so important, what can you do to keep its levels elevated?

Lift Heavy Things

Increase Your Testosterone Level Naturally

Strength training is a powerful stimulant of testosterone production, so make sure to lift, push or pull heavy things occasionally. Moreover, if you take short breaks while you exercise, your hormones are more stimulated to respond. A recent study showed that 90 seconds break while you make squats led to the highest level of testosterone. If the break is only 60 seconds, the testosterone levels go even higher.



Forget about aerobic or fitness classes, cyclist or any other cardio sports. Studies have shown that short sprints of 6 seconds elevate your testosterone level and keep it maintained in that elevated state for long. If you run in the morning, try to change your usual run with short sprints, and you will be satisfied with the results.

Avoid Excess of Cortisol


Cortisol is one of the stress hormones who respond to danger. It helps you react fast and survive in life or death situations. Even if the stress you deal with has nothing to do with life or death situations, cortisol is still produced by your body. As cortisol acts opposite to testosterone, and stress increases the production of cortisol, if you eliminate stress, you can keep your high levels of testosterone.

What to Do to Reduce Stress?


The following two methods are basic in nature and work in your favor to fight stress.

  • Sleep well every night: Besides decreasing the cortisol levels, enough sleep increases your testosterone levels.
  • Avoid over-exercising: Avoid cardio exercises which can affect negatively your testosterone levels and your reproductive functions.

Get some Suntan and Vitamin D


Vitamin D is associated with bone density, muscle strength, and testosterone levels. The more vitamin D you have in your body, the higher your testosterone levels are.

Avoid Food that Increases Your Blood Sugar Levels

Scientists have proven that 75 grams of pure glucose is enough to decrease the testosterone levels more than 25 % in a group of healthy people. Most of the carbohydrates (pasta, bread) turn into glucose during digestion. If you want to keep your testosterone levels high, you should avoid these foods.

Eat Food Rich in Zinc


A low level of zinc in your blood is equal to a low level of testosterone. Unfortunately, this does not mean that high levels of zinc mean high levels of testosterone. However, zinc is a key ingredient to keep your testosterone levels high.

Eat Saturated and Mono-saturated Fats


A diet poor in fats and rich in fibers reduces the testosterone levels in your body, especially in men. On the other hand, a diet rich in saturated and mono-saturated fats helps you have the elevated testosterone levels you want.

Testosterone is a very important hormone for your body. Having a healthy lifestyle with lots of exercise and healthy food help you keep your testosterone levels elevated. If none of these methods works, you can always try men’s hormone replacement therapy.

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