3 absolute fun and adventurous tourist places near Rajkot

3 absolute fun and adventurous tourist places near Rajkot

If you are done with exploring tourism in Rajkot, then simply head to the tourist places near Rajkot. There lies several excellent tourist destinations neighbouring the city that are absolute fun.

Rajkot is one of the prime cities in the state of Gujarat. It is strongly connected to Mahatma Gandhi, and is a politically and historically significant city. Looking at the tourism aspect of the city, the place is rapidly growing as a popular tourist/family destination. A visit to the city is simply worth, as the trip to the city is an overwhelming experience.

There are simply loads of good reasons for one to consider making a visit to the city in next holidays. The most prominent being, there exists several elements of tourism in abundance. When in the city, exploring Rajkot tourism do check out Aaji Dam, Rashtriya Shala, Kaba Gandhi No Delo, Mahatma Gandhi High School, Race course, Watson Museum, Swaminarayan Temple, Jain Derasar, The Lang Library, and Jain Derasar. Other than these, also try-out the culinary cuisines and markets of the city. The city is has great taste and variety in food. Some must taste food in the city include: Fafda, Sambhara, Ganthiya. Bhavnagari, Bhakri, Vanela, Ghughra, Kathiawadi Thali, Chikki, Peda etc. The delicious these sound the more flavourful they are.

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Other than exploring and enjoying tourism in the city, a good thing that a traveller can do is head to the tourist places near Rajkot . There are certain fun and interesting tourist destinations located in the neighbourhood of the city. Following are 3 such tourist destinations.

Porbandar – The place is about 180 Km from the city, and it takes nearly 3 hr to cover the distance. The place is the birth-place of Mahatma Gandhi, and this is the prime reason for explorers to head to the city. Apart from that, it is also a popular destination for wildlife lovers, pilgrims, and culture admirers. It’s interesting to see that how huge tourism variation the city offers to every visitor. It certainly is a city full of surprises.

Palitana – Owning religious significance, the city is one of the popular tourist destinations in the state of Gujarat. It is located 50 Km from Bhavnagar city and is the pilgrimage centre for the Jains. The place houses over 900 Jain temples, and is thus the world’s largest temple complex. The place is ideally situated on a mountain and offers magnificent views of the region. If you are into exploring the magnificent sacred cities in the world, then you are bound to visit this place. The place is simply the utopia for explorers, nature lovers, and admirers of art, culture, religion, and history.

Lion Sanctuary – Gir – If exploring the untamed nature and the wild animals is your area of interest, then this is place you should head to. The place is a national park and wildlife sanctuary, which is the only natural home of Asian lions. It is vast jungle spread across 1412 sq. km of diverse land that is fed by river and rivulets. The place also consists of Kamleshwar Dam, which is home of a large population of crocodile. The place is simply a dream destination to adventure buffs and wildlife lovers.

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The task of getting into the city is manageable. There exists an airport in the city that is served by several major air carriers. There are several indirect Delhi to Rajkot flights and direct Mumbai to Rajkot flights. The other popular modes to reach the city are the trains. There are several regular and express trains connecting the city to all cities in the nation.


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