My own Experience in western European Vacation

The travel western europe trip around Europe is often the first major overseas excursion for many; it is almost a rite of passage that initiates you into the wanderlust club. There are a whole lot of countries packed into a relatively small geographic area and the itinerary combinations are endless. As someone who made this trip, I would like to share some insights that I gleaned from my own experience ‘’doing’’ Western european vacation tour.

Plot Out an Itinerary to Determine the Cheapest Transportation Options

Many travelers to Europe buy some form of the Eurail Pass to get around the continent; for many people, this is the most economical choice. But, for others, it may not be. Depending on your route and how many areas you plan on visiting, going all out with the pass that covers the most countries may be a waste of money. Point-to-point tickets may work out well, as will buying a discount airline ticket from an airline such as RyanAir.

European Vacation

Give Yourself Time in Each Spot

For most of us taking a trip such as this, you probably cannot just travel at your leisure. Rather you have a set amount of time. It can be tempting to pack as much in as humanly possible, but this ‘’checklist’’ mentality can prevent you from getting the most out of your trip. Ego plays a big part in this—we love shooting off all the places we visited to friends and family, followed by the jealous exclamations and ‘’wows.’’ Resist the urge to hop on a train or bus every two days. If you have limited time, you do not want to waste days of it getting from one spot to the other.

Plan Your Itinerary Based on What You Want to Do

When planning your trip, think about what you want to do and the places that really interest you. When making this circuit, it is easy to feel the pressure to hit all the major spots just because that is what you ‘’should’’ do on the Western european vacation. But, it does not have to be that way. This is especially important to consider when traveling in this part of the world, which even on a budget, is far from a cheap.

Consider Cooking Your Own Meals

If you are on a budget, make a concerted effort to use the kitchens provided in hostels if you go that route, or the kitchen if you are renting an apartment or house. I remember committing to cooking before I left, but by my second country, I was out eating at every meal. While I certainly enjoyed it, I could have saved a ton of money. Sure, vacation is a time for splurging and treating yourself, but a willingness to cook a bit rather than eat out can really go a long way for a budget traveler, especially in Europe.

Other Tips

If you look around, there are great deals to be had on flights; when booking a cheap flight to Europe, however, make sure you have a full understanding of the policy regarding that ticket. You may not be able to make any changes at all, meaning if something happens that requires you to change your flight, you are looking at purchasing a whole new ticket.If changes are allowed, find out which ones are permitted and what the cost is. If you buy your tickets from certain websites, you might be looking at fees from not only the airline, but the site as well. If you are looking for hostels, great sites to look on include and Hostelbookers—wide selection and reviews from other travelers.

About the Author: Kelli Cooper is a freelance writer who blogs about all things travel.


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