Rainbow reminder god’s promise

 Rainbow – The Promise of God
When I am in despair
When life seems no hope
Rainbow reminder god's promise
When im feeling overwhelmed by life
And theres no where to go
Wandering in the same route, my sufferings seems never end
 rainbow reminder god’s promise
I was then reminded,  
Your Promises long foretold
The plans You has for me , oh God
Is written in Your Palm
You will never leave nor forsake me just as You said

 plans of god for us

Your Faithfulness Your Unfailing Love for me has no bound nor limits
As I see the Rainbow penetrates the cloudy sky
Then I thought theres always hopes in times of misery
The Rainbow signify Your Promises
Your Love is so Wonderful so Colourful
 Promise of God appears in rainbow
The Promise of God appears in rainbow form
 The Promises You hath make with noah  abraham and us is the same
 The Promise of God just like the rainbow has no beginning nor end
 The Promise of God never cease away
Thank YOu Lord
Thank YOu Lord 
For He is good
His Mercy will never end
And His Love will never cease away
His Compassion and His Kindness
For you and i so wonderful
O Thank You Lord
Thank You Lord
For Blessing us and Loving us


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