Will 8 Billionaire ever make 1 sad,bedridden poor to become Millionaire

Every one wants money ,some wants more money and some wants less money which depend on person to person. So the world today is undeniable run 100% on money factors due to poverty problems in third world countries
So financial stability is really utmost need in todays advanced world were there are so many things that everyone wants to have like much needed home appliances, shoppings and many more .
so if you no money you cant buy neccessary things in life like medicine,food,etc .so the fact is if you want to live life you should have money as vital as oxygen is to body.
poverty problems in the worldThats why many people wants wants more money and some are satisfied with less money but question is are there any one who can challenge world that they dont need money in any point of life .
We really didnt realise that how money is controlling our life so easily.when any one has huge business loss by recession or any other reasons ,the impact of financial instability or loss is so lethal big business person,celeb ,etc are ending there life just because they were going to go bankruptcy .


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