Will 8 Billionaire ever make 1 sad,bedridden poor to become Millionaire

Robbers generally dont love to  rob people like dracula as shown in films who loves blood than money.

They just take innocent life as they are so helpless in life that they want money without which they wont survive extreme condition.
So even good man can turn in to dreaded robber and extort people if he finds himself in extreme circumstances were he becomes beggar overnight .
so today the value of money has taken so much that people gets depression,do suicide just to run away from problems or force people to pay them on gun point .


We can see daily newspaper flash news about robbery were so many innocent lifes are taken by robbers in seconds.Many laws are made to stop Robbers from committing crime but fact is even today law had failed successively and many dropouts are rising just to get more money as quickly as possible in times of recession.

Real question still is unanswered that are we going to just put Robbers behind bars or hang them ,but facts that new robbers are born due to lack of opportunitys or let us live simple life were rich is fighting to bring or uplift poor life

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