Will 8 Billionaire ever make 1 sad,bedridden poor to become Millionaire

Because of the wants of money many robbers are born in every part of the world ,why just for money and to become happy in no time.But there way of earning money is very lethal that can k1ll innocent lifes .
Normally people earn money by way of job,buisinnes,etc but robbers are so aggressive to get that money that they dont hesitate to person who comes in there way even thoug they know that they will be hanged one day.
Such is lethal love of robbers for earning more and more money to make there name in history of crimes.
while some had no ambitions of becoming robber ,they always wanted to be some one like doctor,actor,etc but many reasons like
poverty,etc they forget there childhood dreams and slowly developed themselves as robber who are today labelled as criminals for money .
victims ,robbers cartoonThis is reason why people had so much hatred to such robber who are criminals for money.
But fact that they wants money to save themselves from dying of starvation or to pay there family debt or so many unknown reasons why this ordinary people turned to profession of becoming robber.

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