Expert Reasons why children,parents had differences

In todays world every family complains or dont understand why there children always want to put down there parents expectation .
Many ways divide between parents expectation and there children  expectation are quite in opposite directions.children wants complete freedom to prove what they can do if given chance.
while every parents always wants there kids to be safe than sorry due to protective nature.
 parent kid fights
This is world fact that every mom will always wish safety first rather than danger to her children.This is root cause of why there is always clash of opinion between parents and their kids or parents and children conflict which finally results in fights among parents and their kids.
Teens,children feels there life wings are caged by parents opinion or decision so they feel suffocated by there own parents.
Its really a painful dilemma for both  parents and their children that finally result in seperation were they pledge to never meet again.
 parent teen fights
Its like orphan parents or orphan Teens,children who wish they never had such bad parents and vice versa. Some kids prove there so called orphan parents ,by becoming succesfull and makes them proud indirectly.
While some Teens,children repents that if they had listen to there parents atleast once what there parents were saying.
So every one(Teens,children , parents) wants to stress how there point was the best and battle between children , parents never ends.some feels why there voice is never heard or what secret to have strong opinion.
But strange fact is no one had strong opinion ,but strong opinion improves by experiences of life to become expert in it.
So many youngster while regretting compare there opinion with parents right opinion and feels bad while  facing life situations.
So for both youngster and parents its not who is right ,but waging war against  parents and vice versa is not solutions 


But its happen in every part of world which we called as generation gap .So its always healthy to discussed your differences rather than waging war against  parents


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