Top 7 Fall Activities For Kids in Manhattan

Top Fall Activities For Kids in Manhattan

With muggy summer days over and winter’s chill not yet in the air, fall is the perfect time to spend time together as a family while there’s still plenty of sunlight and the days are long. In Manhattan, fall turns the island into a veritable paradise full of family-friendly activities that will keep your kids occupied while providing plenty of enjoyable entertainment for adults, too. This fall, make your kids think you’re the coolest parents in the world with trips to these amazing activities.


Stroll through the San Gennaro Feast: Every fall, Little Italy becomes a gastronome’s paradise when the Feast of San Gennaro rolls through town. This eclectic street fair, which runs along Mulberry Street from Canal to Houston, is home to some of the best street food you and your little ones will have anywhere, from turkey legs and sausage sandwiches to freshly-fried zeppole dusted in powdered sugar.

Fall Activities For Kids in Manhattan

Watch the Village Halloween Parade: One of the spookiest and most spectacular performances you’ll see all year, the Village Halloween parade is a must-see for parents and children alike. This year, let your kids enjoy something both spooky and silly with a trip to the Village Halloween parade. Some of the most impressive costumes you’ll see anywhere, from the ironic to the perfectly-executed character costumes, will be showing up at this annual celebration. Make sure you get to the parade early enough to get a good spot, though — thanks to the vibrant performances and can’t-miss costumes, the front lines at the Village Halloween Parade fill up fast.


Take a trip back in time with Little New Yorkers: This fall, show your kids what playtime looked like over 100 years ago by dropping into Little New Yorkers at the New York Historical Society. This exciting exhibit allows children from 3 to 5 to try out writing with quill pens, playing with historically accurate toys, do crafts, sing and dance with their peers, and read stories like “A Letter to Amy” by Ezra Jack Keats and Robert McCloskey’s famous “Make Way For Ducklings.”


Catch a performance of Cirque Du Soleil’s “Toruk: The First Flight”: If your children are huge “Avatar” fans, make sure you take them to a performance of Cirque Du Soleil’s “Avatar”-themed show, “Toruk: The First Flight,” performed at the Barclay’s Center in Brooklyn. This demonstration of physical strength and creative storyline are sure to hav both you and your little ones mesmerized for hours. Note how your children look on in awe as the take in the performers’ wild acrobatic feats and promptly beg you for trapeze lessons the moment the show is over.
Head over to Central Park for the Rolex Central Park Horse Show: Whether your children are seasoned equestrians or are simply going through a horse phase, the Rolex Central Park Horse Show won’t disappoint. Conveniently located in Central Park, this annual horse show, now in its third year, is a celebration of equestrian talent and culture. Combining dressage, jumping, demonstrations, and even pony rides for the littlest horse enthusiasts in the audience, the Rolex Central Park Horse Show is truly a treat for all ages.


Walk the Haunted High Line: Learn about the city’s history while hearing some of its spookiest stories with a walk along the High Line a few days before Halloween. This unique tour will impress your little ones and give them a good chance to work off some of the energy brought on by sneaking into your family stash of Halloween candy early. Listen to the sounds of trains that once passed by the very tracks you’re standing on, hear tales of the city’s most notorious ghosts, or just have fun after the tour with some dancing, face painting, and a fun family scavenger hunt.


Enjoy some culture while catching Pokemon at the Met: Even if your children aren’t exactly the type who relish the thought of spending an afternoon at an art museum, the prospect of catching some new Pokemon might change their minds. Thanks to the creative minds at Museum Hack, a company that leads private and themed tours of museums, kids (and adults who still act like them) can play Pokemon Go while walking through the museum. Unlike your past trips to museums, you may actually have time to appreciate the art as your kids try to find out if there are any Pikachus hiding out among the Renoirs.


Amusement parks and oversized confections aren’t the only ways to keep your kids happy; this fall, there’s plenty of excitement to be ha right in your backyard. Show your kids the best the city has to offer — you might just find you have a great time, too.


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