Some Interesting Careers to Pursue in the Health Industry in this year

Some Interesting Careers to Pursue in the Health Industry in this year

Interesting Careers to Pursue in the Health Industry in this year

The health industry is perhaps the only career field that is hiring personnel at an incredible rate even after the distressing economic recession. Healthcare jobs are supposed to be growing much faster as compared to any other industry. Approximately 22 percent, roughly 3.2 million new jobs would be generated by 2018. As Generation X gets kids and baby boomers get old, healthcare professionals would be in greater demand than ever before. Here are some of the hottest healthcare careers to pursue in this year.

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Registered Nurse


This is one of the really in-demand jobs across the USA. Registered nurses have been projected to come up with more than 580,000 new jobs till the end of 2016. However, this does not include the numerous job opportunities that would be available once the older nurses are ready for retirement.


Home Health Aide

Home health aides are very much in demand. With life becoming more and more mechanical and hectic in this digital era, there is no time for you to devote to your old and even sick parents or other loved ones. Home health aides act as caregivers to the numerous people who are incapable of leading a normal life on their own. Home health aides’ job responsibilities include checking vital signs, administering medicines and assisting in everyday activities. The job outlook seems to be excellent.


Medical Assistant

Medical assistants are required to perform several clinical and administrative tasks in diverse work settings. Healthcare industry just cannot do without medical assistants and so they are highly in demand all over the nation. The job outlook seems to be outstanding for medical assistants in the US. Employment opportunities would be generated faster in comparison to average health-oriented jobs. There would be abundant job opportunities for medical assistants provided they have certification or some sort of formal training.


Medical Biller

Medical billers play a pivotal role in practically every healthcare facility. Medical practices just cannot survive without the assistance of proficient medical billers. Most medical billers got their training while they were on the job mostly in small medical practices. There is an increasing demand for professional medical billing services. There is a definite shortage in this sector and also there is certainly a growing demand for well-trained medical billers. This is more so now, because of the Affordable Care Act that allows employers to hire novice people as medical billers and train them completely. They would then acquire industry certification while on the job. Medical billers typically would help with the registration of the patient and verify their precise insurance coverage. They would be collecting all the information necessary for creating a claim. They would be acting like a bridge interlinking the healthcare provider, the insurance company and the patient for getting a claim processed. They are responsible for submitting claims for reimbursement. They are ultimately required to collect all the payments for the rendered services.


Genetic Counselor

Genetic Counselor possesses a Master’s Degree. He or she is a well-trained and qualified professional who is responsible for identifying potential genetic conditions in patients. The job outlook is excellent. There is a steady increase in the demand for these highly-specialized professionals.



This could be another interesting healthcare career to pursue in this year. A phlebotomist is responsible for drawing blood for medical examinations and diagnostic purposes. He is also responsible for maintaining and looking after the upkeep of blood drawing equipment. The demand for this job would always be on the rise and this is a healthcare career path that would not be losing significance easily.


Nuclear Medicine Technologist

A nuclear medicine technologist is a specialist who has become proficient at the task involving injecting small doses of radioactive materials directly into patients for diagnosis of specific illnesses and diseases. There is a huge demand for people in this line of work and this career is slowly catching the fancy of young students.


Healthcare Administrator

Healthcare administrators are truly the backbone of any healthcare system. They are responsible for overseeing or supervising the work done by medical personnel. The healthcare industry is a dynamic one and as the financing and the structure of this industry changes, the healthcare administrator requires adapting himself to the changing environment. Despite the industry undergoing changes, healthcare administrators still enjoy a pivotal role in this evolving industry.


Reasons for Pursuing a Career in the Healthcare Industry

You would be showered with numerous benefits and rewards if you are part of the healthcare industry. There are actually countless reasons for pursuing a career in this field as this is an excellent career path but here are some of the top few reasons why healthcare jobs are still very much in demand.


Exceptional Job Growth

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Medical professionals are forever in high demand. As per the statistics provided by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, 8 out of the 20 fastest-growing careers are certainly in the Healthcare business. The healthcare business involves 13 million jobs currently. This implies that there is greater job security in this industry and you could expect stability in your career. Moreover, thanks to the health reform legislation that was passed in the year 2010 there has been a hike in the demand for healthcare workers. The Affordable Care Act was implemented in the year 2014 and this provided medical insurance to additional millions of Americans that have boosted the demand for workers in the healthcare industry.


Community Service

You could do a lot of community service. You could bring in a new life or change the way of life for many or save a life. You would be impacting many lives all through your career and that would be a reason to be proud of and to be extremely happy and satisfied about. You would be impacting communities and providing healthcare in numerous forms or even by treating ailments and diseases.


Good Earning Potential

Healthcare careers could really be lucrative. You would be having higher earning potential if you are highly educated, skilled and fully qualified. Health careers mostly top the lists that show highest paying careers and advanced practice clinicians and physicians would always be topping the list.



Healthcare profession is an exciting one with no dull moments ever. This is a dynamic and ever-changing field and it is pretty dramatic in nature. Healthcare is supposed to be fast-paced. It is thrilling. You are constantly tackling life and death situations. Every day is a new day with new patients and brand new challenges. However, healthcare jobs are not meant for everyone. Some medical jobs could be really stressful and you would need to work in high-pressure and intense situations and put in long hours. So make sure that you have the mental strength and the dedication to pursue such a noble profession.


Author Bio: Robert Jacobs is a specialist healthcare professional having a wide experience in the human resource department of healthcare institutions. He runs a blog guiding youngsters about career choices in his field of experience. He recommends medical billing services as the career option with lots of promise and prospects.


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