Silence is Golden Lyrics

We have heard the word silence i.e speech is silver silence is golden lyrics ,please since our childhood ,at schools at meetings,etc .One wonders what the real story is behind this word silence.
From a spiritual perspective, silence can be defined as a bridge of communication between the Divine and the divine in human .
Silence is where one finds what is most precious .
 silence is golden lyrics
Spiritual Silence gives one an energy that is pure and selfless,from the creative source to burst out of cocoon of dust and  routine opening up unlimited horizons of new vision.
The set of Silence  is like mirror.The mirror does not blame or  criticise but helps us see things as they are providing a diagnosis to release us from all types of wrong thinking.
To create Silence ,we have to step within connect with our eternal self -the soul.By doing so ,we reflect and recollect what has been forgotten for long time.
This is the reason why wise people say Silence is Golden


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