Reasons why Recession emerged from stock market crash

Reasons why Recession emerged

Recession came like shock in the history of world economics were many billionaire never ever thought that they will lost in billions. These billionaires were always fearless when the world stock market crashed or oil prices were facing biggest losses..           


But the impact of Recession was so worst to the world economies that still in this year this billionaire are facing treatments that gave them mental shock or disease called Recession.

stock market crash

Many billionaire will agree that most of there empires were sold out, job cuttings were made, just to save there left business due to the Recession.
Many emerging graduates around the world who always had big dreams to do big in the market were fighting for there existence. They never got call from any companies and there were mostly news of job cuts rather than new recruitments.


There were many sad stories and analyse the causes and effects of recession in india and european union for this new graduates rather than good news to get brand new job. Already employed employees lost there high paying jobs just because either companies were not able to afford there salaries or there were sacking of employees without any specific reasons.
Many has to work day and night in shifts just to meet at least there basic want forget about credit card bill..


Many companies After struggling to meet profits companies had to sale there stake to declare bankruptcy in developed nations like America .so the employees alas  were forced to leave there jobs. Many entrepreneurs still tried to dare to fight the fever of Recession with new plans and techniques, but it sad fact that many hanged or shot or hanged themselves in various instances of suicides that were daily reported by media.
Such was the threat that both owner of company and its employees ended there own beautiful lives because of Recession.


Before Recession it was very different situation for all, they had luxurious life without any fear of losing job even in worst case scenario.


There was nothing such as no job or no recruitment or cost cutting or sacking to fear about while searching job.
effects of the great depression
So whenever people compared there life before Recession its big difference now than today. I’m myself victim of Recession even after doing Electrical Engineering I never got chance to work in engineering field. So it’s weird fact for me that I don’t have job and have to rely on website writing.


I can feel the pain how people around the world and there family must be experiencing after going through the experience of Recession. Days passed with more bad news came were migrants from Asian, African s were attacked, tortured and killed to death.
They were victimised just because they were looking for jobs outside in other countrys.It didn’t stop with that, outsourcing which was major foreign direct investment to poor nations were targeted, so as to please the voters.


So, imagine the poor nations who already are underdeveloped and when Recession knocks there door what would be there situation. They were the worst hit. This resulted in enmity between rich and poor nations due to the cancer of Recession which was fuelled by politiciansand media even after 2012


Poverty is now spreading even in most developed nations and many crimes are just committed for money which stills today every one doesn’t have.


Today it is widely seen in the media that front-page news mostly covers corruptions, bank robbery,etc .and there only reasons this robbers give after being caught is that they did this just to pay there long bills.


No body is born robber by birth or one ever wishes to take ones life just for money. To prove my point, there many top crimes which are reported to be done by highly qualified engineers, doctors.


Such is the great depression after Recession that even good  guys like qualified engineers, doctors robbed people just to pay there loans and debt. I guess this was never dream of any engineers, doctors, etc who are believed to be samaritarian of the world.


But the pain of being unemployed for many years after paying heavy fees for there education to attain the degree of engineers, doctors, etc itself says the stories.

 great depression after Recession

So, to survive in Recession without job, this highly qualified engineers, doctors prefer to choose hack, rob etc just to become Richest in the world history as soon as possible


and this vicious cycle or trend continues just to beat Recession, and these geniuses are widely seen hacking on internet hacking to rob victim within seconds. An engineer son will rather commit crime like his dad did just to fight the threat of Recession.
Is this a future of world, were you gain knowledge to commit crimes by using sharp brains .I think whole world has got enough symptoms to treat this cancerous disease called as Recession. So ,even after reading my article if you still feel that no one will rob you or you are the safest of all then you have to rethink before you are unsafe.

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