Understanding Wedding Ceremony Etiquettes



Wedding Ceremony are a dream in everyone’s life. The most happiest occasion that happens in a lifetime. Right from the moment man and woman decides to become one; they experience a period of joy immensely. When the decision is made to unite, the next major decision is about the event.

Wedding Ceremony Etiquettes

Weddings are well planned and executed so that the best is being happening and that particular day is not forgotten. However, before the Wedding Ceremony there is the great occasion of an Engagement. This occasion is when family and friends unite and the exchange of a ring or a band takes place. This ring or band is the most treasured jewellery from then one. There are a few things one has to understand about the traditional Wedding band Etiquette, so that you make no mistakes for that great day of your life.


Wedding bands are basically a gift from one person to the other. It has to be chosen carefully keeping in mind the preference of the other person. No matter what, if you were in a previous relationship and have a band from it, you should not take forward with the same band. Get a new one, especially for your love; it does make a lot of difference.


Usually the band of the bride is of importance, as there are many ways in which she would want her wedding band to be. The groom’s ring is chosen in accordance with the band chosen for the bride. The bride would hold it near to her heart, the wedding band and therefore, you need to understand what are her choices and likes that she would like to have on the wedding band. Bands of different metals, stones and colours are available and choice one that your love would love the most. Ultimately it is the groom who pays for the band and so select something that fits your budget yet stands to her choice.


In some cases, both the bride and the groom make selections for each other by going together to the store. This helps in better understanding and selection. In other cases, the groom chooses to gift his lady with a family heirloom for an engagement, but have to understand whether she would wear it for a life time or hand over to the next generation.


The engagement band is usually worn on the left index finger after the engagement and after the wedding; it is moved to the right.  While buying the wedding bands, man purchases for the women and the women purchases for the man. In some cases, they purchase together. Both have to make clear on what are their likes, as this piece of jewellery is one that would be worn for a lifetime and held close to the heart, so it should be something that you like the most. By any chance the wedding does not take place, and then the proper etiquette states that the ring should be returned.

Wedding bands are a promise of marriage, and therefore something that is treasured all through life.

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