Why trendy Doctor Invented God medicine

Why trendy Doctor Invented God medicine
Doctors Launches Medicine called God
 trendy Doctor
Every one loves God whoever it may be even Atheist just can’t forget to think about 
God. Because they needs God’s existence to prove there point .
People trust God charisma ,even till they die and pass this belief in the next generation too.
The strong bonding with the God is still intact even after  advancement in science and technology


Where science never could prove existence of God like species.
Many modern successful big wigs like Bill Gates ,Warrenbuffet who had excelled so much with there own
capabilities will never deny there love for the God..

Pictures of Jesus Teaching

NASA ,Tech company’s will always start there projects with prayer with God.
Bill gates ,Warrenbuffet owners of most successful Companys in the world will never ever stop going to
Church if they face serious loses in there buisiness world.
This is such strong faith in God. That is purely based on mind peace and not for begging God for fulfilling Mean purposes.
Even if Bill Gates ,Warrenbuffet goes bankrupt they will never ever beg God or curse God  for the loss.
But they will surely will ask God to guide in times of darkness.
Its undeniable facts that people are in so much deep love with  God blessings that they believe that every
one should follow the path of humanity rather than blaming si

bribing God

tuations or each other to move ahead in life.
Now a days people in world have there ways of pleasing God .Hence, its sad fact that in the name of  God
Many worshippers of God are fooled by religious myths .
Its sad fact that people bias each other by calling themselves as upper castes and others as lower castes.Every
where in world in the name of God ,many rituals like fasting until death,etc are so widespread that people
had forgotten true meaning of God.This can be reffered to as lethal love for God to fulfill wan’ts  or bribing
Such lethal obsession is more widespread in backward and highly rich society .They all just wan’t God to
Bribe God for there mean purposes.Its evident that such mentality people are so in trance stage that they will 
Follow all myths like like fasting until death,etc rather than working hard .
Such lethal obsession is it really needed when we all know that God is imagination to boost our moral

facts about jesus

Even doctors who will all refer as living proof of  God always say when medical science is helpless to just
pray God for the best. Doctors does know that God is imagination to boost ones confidence so when he feels
that one should never give up in seasons of darkness .
So, Doctors wan’t  everyone to neither loose hope till verdict is given by destiny.
God was discovered by  man himself truly itself confirm the fact man searched God for various reasons
Some searched God Jesus just because True Teachings of Jesus instill fearlessness in them so they can be
strong mentally and Some searched God Allah for holy beliefs .
So ,we all can accept the fact that God was created by imagination or for removing phobias or for safety of humanity and for endless reasons.

Hence ,if you have lost belief in yourself or lost your loved ones or simply feel alone in life you will be
advised to try doctor and you will be healed by doctor.
But, if you are losing your soul in the race of  life due to various reasons ,you can try medicine called God
,It can be Buddha,Jesus, Allah,etc to kick start your life with medicine called God advised by doctor.


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