Fractional food is your key to weight loss

Know How Fractional food is your key to weight loss

Obesity and increased weight is something that most of the people are struggling with nowadays. With the change in our diets and inclusion of a lot of unhealthy junk food on a regular basis, we have called for problems like obesity. The people, who suffer from obesity, go through a lot of struggle, including:

  • Social fear of facing people, as they find it difficult to explain to everyone how they gained weight. They find it difficult to take harsh comments and listen to insults, only because of their shape. Although, it is immoral and unacceptable to comment on someone solely because of weight issues, but this is what happens in the society.
  • Obese people also struggle financially. Adding to all the daily expenses people have, they also spend a fortune on various weight loss and exercise techniques. These include gym membership, personal trainer, dieticians, sports equipment, clothes in a smaller size as a motivation to get fit, etc. Keeping up with these kinds of things can cost heavily on one’s pocket.
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  • Mentally, they witness a lot of trauma while dealing with their gained weight. They sacrifice their old clothing as it does not fit anymore, quit visiting public beaches and pools due to insecurity, and struggle with dating.

Know How Fractional food is your key to weight loss

All these small things impact heavily on their body and mind. They have to deal with a lot of things before coming to terms with everything, accepting that this is now the reality and they should now focus on solving the problem. Most obese people fail to recognize the problem, let alone thinking about a solution and trying to solve it. They think it is something that will go away, as it came, and in return, the weight increases more than before, and this entire mindset puts them into a vicious cycle. Breaking away from this cycle requires a lot of mental determination and strength, without which you cannot think about starting a weight loss plan or a diet regime.

There are many diets available online; you can browse through millions of sites, blogs, and pages on Google where the list is endless. You might not find the one that is suitable for you because each body-type is different and everyone has his/her own metabolism. A lot of things vary from person to person, and you can’t simply follow a diet just because someone else did that. The keys to losing weight are not just reducing the numbers that appear on your weighing machine, but being healthy at first place and then losing weight. By not cutting out on healthy fats and healthy carbs. A nutritious weight loss is something that is always preferred over other kinds of diets that ask you to starve yourself to achieve small results.

There is a lot of content available online about a variety of weight loss plans and meal plans. Many essays also contain a lot of amazing information that can help you. Many websites even hire experts to write essays for money, and hence those essays are nothing but a smart gimmick to get you into a trap to believe that those diets work.

Here, we will discuss fractional food today, something that is a healthy way to lose those extra flabby pounds in your body, and fit into your summer dress, thereby achieving your goals without the pain of going through hard work-out routines, and following hectic gym schedules. Fractional food is a balanced diet for weight loss.


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Here are fifteen essentials of this diet that you need to follow, and once you adapt to the routine, it becomes even easier to follow:

  1. Eat every couple of hours – In this diet, you do not need to starve yourself to death. You can enjoy your meals every two to three hours, depending upon the amount of hunger you have. Do not over-eat and do not splurge at all! Be strict in the quantities you take.
  2. Take Smaller Portions – Again, fractional diet is not only about how frequently you feed yourself but in what quantity you do that. Keep your portions small and limited. Take small quantities of everything that you like. Many celebrities share that they follow fractional food diet to lose weight for their movie projects.
  3. Take 5 to 8 meals in a day – You need to be regular with your meals, so do not skip them and be religious with the number. Take around five to eight, small meals in a day to keep you full and energized.
  4. Make at least three meals hot – You do not need to keep all meals hot, but it is necessary that you include hot foods in at least three meals per day. Do not munch on cold snacks all day long. Hot foods have their own health benefits, hence, consume hot foods regularly.
  5. Breakfast must include complex carbs – Breakfast needs to be the most filling, nourishing and healthy meal of the day, which is why you must include complex carbohydrates in your breakfast like oats. Complex carbs take time to break down into energy and keep you fuller for long.
  6. Keep those Calories in check – Just because you are eating less, does not mean that you should stop counting the calories. You must keep the calorie count in check so that you do not overeat or consume more calories than your body requires. Every human body needs some calories just to stay alive, and to perform daily functions. Your calorie need depends upon your routine, and if it is sedentary, you do not need a lot of calories to function.
  7. Drink Water in Unlimited Quantity – The positive side of this diet is that you can drink as much water and tea (unsweetened) as you want to. It will not let you dehydrate yourself, and you will always feel fresh and energized.
  8. Eat even if you are not hungry – You might not feel hungry after three hours or so, but you need to eat. That’s the whole purpose of this diet. You need to keep yourself full of energy while letting your body use up your stored fats as energy.
  9. Dinner should ideally be hot – When we talk about keeping three meals hot, dinner counts one of them. Dinner should be hot because dinner is the last meal of the day, and the next time you will be feeding your body is next day, which means after dinner you are giving a gap of eight to ten hours.
  10. Keep a check on those Snacks – The biggest mistake people make while on a fractional food diet is by splurging on snacks. You can enjoy snacks, but keep the calories in check. If possible, have snacks that have zero to low calories, like roasted nuts, oats, fruits, steamed veggies, baked goods which are low in sugar, etc.
  11. Complete your Nutrition – The daily requirement of protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, and fats should be complete through your diet. Otherwise there is no point in following it. The sole purpose of this diet is not weight loss alone, but providing you a healthy, nourished body inside out.
  12. Consume at same time – Once you start your diet, try to keep the timing of the meals same, so that you adjust to the meals yourself, without any external push. Once your body knows that it will get food at this time, it will adjust itself. You will not need to starve yourself or overeat, just to adjust the time.
  13. Make a Menu – It can be challenging to make something new for five to eight meals every single day. To avoid boredom and keep things interesting, you can make a weekly menu that you will follow. You can easily follow this diet for at least four weeks, without feeling the need to change the menu or add more dishes to it. But a consistency of four weeks will help you adapt to the diet and not turn away from it.
  14. Combine diet with Physical Exercise – To see quicker results, and more effective weight loss program, combine this diet with physical exercises. Once you start working out, you are letting more calories leave your body, which means calories-out will be higher in number, and calories-in will be the same leading to weight loss. Kick-starting an exercise regime also enhances your metabolism, and your body will start burning off that excess fat faster than you can imagine. Metabolism enhancement naturally, is one of the most popular manners to lose weight, as being hundred percent natural and involves no external steroids or medicines that can affect you negatively in future.
  15. Expect Slow, but Solid Results – This diet might not let you lose all weight at once because it does not crash your body system, unlike other diets. It is a gradual, slow and very systematic nutrition that keeps you healthy and provides you with all the essential elements while helping you lose weight. Thus, you’ll have to wait for results to show up, but be confident that the lost weight will not come back in months after you finished your diet.

Following these steps might be tough in the beginning, as the human body needs time to adapt to changes. Once you got used to this diet, it becomes relatively easier to follow and keep up with. The changes you see after following this diet for a couple of months will be remarkable.


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