Obesity in America-How to learn from Poor real slim habits

Obesity in America-How to learn from Poor real slim habits

 Causes of Obesity-

People love eating food of all kind and there love for food is so immense that it may be day or it may be night, it may be night or it may be summer or it may be winter season People don’t give up eating food and also why do people waste so much food
But, they just can’t forget to eat food. Many of the foodie love to explore different types of food like Thai, Italian, Chinese, and many more for which they specially travel around the world to get the delicious taste of food.

 Obesity in America

The craving for food never-ever end after the taste and it continues as long as they love food…This foodie love to explore and enjoy food on every holidays and weekend and the list goes on and on.


The love for food and its taste is so much that some foodie are advised by the doctor to better control there diet habits than repent later in life. There love for food is so lethal that they just get addicted which can be termed as lethal love for The sake of food.
Finally, they become victim of obesity, diabetes, and many more which doctor refers to as unbalanced diet.
Many around the world  like obesity in america will surely confess that it was just they couldn’t control there cravings food that had hospitalized them to some serious illness of world.how to lose weight

 They becomes such addictive that they can’t control there eating habit, they agrees that they wan’t to be as fit as they were and they are themselves feed up of overweight.

Such overweight people, really feel unsatisfied by there own acts that they go in depression, which results in more loneliness.

Many  obese people cry for not going to party with friends, feeling that many will laugh on there body appearances makes them lose hope day by day. So, they stop going to social functions, gathering just to avoid people, friends just to avoid embarrassing situations.

Many just try to end life to get rid of such obesity and it’s after effects as solution.


This overweight people around world  say Obesity in America just give-up so hardly were there are millions or billions of people from poor nations that simply don’t have food to eat at all .They mostly are from poor family were many times they have to spend nights without food.
As result, many poor families become mal nutrition day by day and finally die just because they had no money to eat food.

 Solutions for Obesity in America-


People waste Food, Poor dies without Food so how to beat food addiction.

Due to poverty ,many in the world are dying just because only factor called as money .Doctors really try there best to save the life of millions or billions of people from poor nations ,but they fails because only Doctors can’t treat patients .


The real question remains that who will give them the food to eat after patients is discharged from hospitals. So, its misery for world highly qualified doctor that there education can’t save there patients life after there fight to save life of patients.

 obesity facts

So, for doctor seems too helpless when Rich dies with excess food and poor dies without food. Many poor in the world when they compare there life with rich they just wish to be like Rich one day and save there families from hunger death.


In the same ways Rich people, feels that because of luxurious life they became so careless to eat food that they really forget that Life can be beyond food also.Ultimately they ate so much food that there was no food left for families of poor to eat.
I wrote this articles to Support all poor people who dies just because they can’t afford food


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