The Battle Between Two Extremes

I woke up one day and I feel fatigue.
I dont feel wanted to get out of bed .
I slept the whole day . Yet
I still feel tired ,
Tears started to run down my cheek.
Tears started to run down my cheek.
Thoughts started to creeps in .
The journey is getting tougher .
Theres seemed no where to go . I dont feel wanted to live
I dont feel wanted to do anything
I have no mood of eating
I have no mood to go out Then I got on my knees and prayed
Tears kept on running down my cheek
Thoughts of giving up … Help me Plz Oh Lord Help Me !  

I cried out loud for God to deliver me !
I woke up feeling different
I feel better , infact much better
I thought my spirit had renewed and God had answered me 

Thoughts of giving up ... Help me Plz Oh Lord Help Me !
Then I got the appetide to eat
Those negative thoughts seemed disappear
The teary spells no longer there
The laughter and smile is on my face now. 

I became creative
I have a bizarre ideas of what I wanted to do
I stayed up late nights chatting with frens and dont feel tired
I dont feel wanted to sleep at times 
The Thoughts of creativity one after another pops in
The energy level started to peak up
The interest of writting begins again
The “flashes of inspiration” of writting poems and songs…

I feels ” no mood “( teenage mood swings) all of sudden
Im feeling sad
The Cycle begins …welcoming the depressed mood
The roller coaster of a bipolar world …
These were “The Battle Between Two Extremes”


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