Why Girls need Pure love?

What is love? I always ask myself, is it just a feeling or is more.
Pure love
I don’t know what to say expect that it’s more than that. It’s the work you put to love someone that’s important and believe me it’s hard ,considering the fact we all not perfect at all .
There is more to pure love girls than just making out its about been with your partner even when you feel like you just want to be away from him.
I haven’t spoken to my man for three days and I just don’t know why, is he angry he hasn’t called to see if I am ok and it’s eating me up.
He says I am hard to read but can he blame me after the pain he has put me through. He has made me tough but always now I am able to appreciate love as it is.
What can’t kill u only makes u stronger and I thank him for making me stronger and it has driven me to search for love even more for that perfect love that the fairy tales always talk about and I might have found it .
All that’s left is for fate to take its course and let love flow in my life and I have learnt to be patient because in order to find the perfect complete love u need to be patient because sometimes love is standing right in front of u.
I won’t settle for less like before because love appreciates, cherishes and never dies that is what true love is to me.

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