Rift Money Making Guide-Rift Gold Era

Rift Money Making Guide-Rift Gold Era
There has been a lot of Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games or MMORPGs that are released nowadays. It seems that online gamers and addicts cannot get enough of them. They are somewhat on a quest of playing the best and popular MMORPG.
Below is Rift Money Making Guide
Online game creators (the companies, animators and programmers) are so into their business that they innovate certain online games more and more to be enjoyed by many and to get more patrons online.

rift money making guide

The game has been creatively innovated in the concept of satisfying the curiosity of many online gamers (or MMORPG players) by showing them how the game could “level up” in such ways, in which they have to explore as much as they want.
With this, the game would become more interesting to play and interactions between players are enhanced. And would then result to make this online game more popular in no time.
The Rift game is one of the next generation online games and that Rift Gold has the power to get hold of these “online game addicts”.
It would enable the player to attain a lot of materials or items that are and can be usable on different and complicated quests in this online game.
The Rift Gold era has come for the MMORPG players to be recipients of the newly developed online game. The unique concept of the Rift game, which is based however on the common idea of world invasion and such, which relays the old conflicts between good and evil is powerful to attract the attention of the people who are different believers that are so addicted with online games, especially MMORPGs.
Others would voluntarily become the “evil opponents” or “evil characters” (or technically, the Defiant faction) – to be destructive and/or invasive.
The dynamic but step by step levels or quests and EXP are getting more and more complicated as the player moves on. There are some destinations and locations that have multiple tasks to be done that the player has to get back to the same area many times.
Only take care in following the maps and instructions given with detailed information. The player then will not be lost from his tracks and will be successful with his quests.
To be able to make sure that you would be successful in your quests, the Rift Gold would enable you to stock more “money” to be able to succeed in your quests in the Planes of Telara. It is time to get ready and set for your great new-age online fantasy adventure!
The New Generation in Rift Money Making Guide: Rift Gold
            We used to enjoy the old Super Mario computer video game. But as time passes by, everything is getting more and more hi-tech and highly developed. Online game companies and developers have been growing in their number ever since the Internet has been introduced and used.
            As it is, the online game has been received positively by critics who have no other job but to criticize the newly released online games whether they are poor or cool.
The characters, environment, concept and graphics are creatively developed. The goal is not only to make money but to let more people enjoy the complicated quests that the game has uniquely embedded with.
            The Rift game has developed its “branch” with Rift Gold to attract more MMORPG players to its arena. It is the fundamental currency that the game is using. With this, the players can afford to buy even expensive weapons and armors to be used on quests like combats.
            Some quests of this online game are as follows:
–          Aiding Adriana
–          Abyssal Secret
–          Into the Woods
–          Keenblade Construction
–          Last Breath
–          Sylver’s Experiments
–          Ant Farm
–          Blood ofBattle
–          Blood Iron Basilisks
–          Lost Locket
–          Mementos of the Dead
–          The Saga of the Endless: On the Shores of Freemarch
–          The Soul of the Riftblade
–          The Vigil’s Blessing
–          Tormented Minds
–          Trial of Endurance
–          Jewels in the Heights
–          Harsh Medicine
–          Dropping the Eth Bomb
–          Extra Strength Relief
–          Weaponsmithing Supply Run
–          Well of Life
–          Fatal Distraction, and many more others.
Moreover, the players need Rift Gold depending on their classes as well. Classes are called “jobs” in reality. These classes are Warrior, Mage, Rogue and Cleric. And classes have different souls. For example, the Rouge. It has the following souls:
–          Nightblade (an assassin that deals with fire)
–          Marksman (he uses ranged weapons)
–          Saboteur (his primary weapon is bomb)
–          Bard (has moderate healing abilities and damage)
–          Blade Dancer (wields bigger weapons and has the specialization of dodging and parrying attacks)
–          Ranger (trades damage in lieu of a pet)
–          Assassin (wields daggers and has the specialization in sneak attacks and poison)
–          Riftstalker (a tank that has self-generated shields and many threat-generation abilities)
The quests more or less likely need “money” to be successful. With Rift Gold, players can stock piles and piles of it to be always ready on any quest, depending on the situation and location the players would be in.
Leveling up with Rift Gold
            In the real world, people want to level up in their personal lives and careers. Just like MMORPG players do need to level up in the online game called Rift. Leveling up in the real world is having and saving more money in the bank – thus, to be rich. The same with the online game, players save Rift Gold to be able survive in a specific quest.
            It is very important that players level up so that they can keep up and stay in the game. It may not be so easy to level up especially when the player is on a very tough quest. If the player is in Rift Warrior class, he then chooses or unlocks three souls.
Then, he can select the specific “talent” or “ability” for each soul that he has. The good thing is that, the player can combine the classes as he prefers. In line with this, he has a variety of talent points that he can use as he keeps going in the game’s quests.
            If he has the ability as a thief, he can earn more Rift Gold from other players. Or if he sells some items, he can earn some gold by these, too.
            There are some guides that can help players stay in the game for long. The guides are posted online. They are for different classes or callings, depending on the choosing of the online gamers. The guides are as follows:
–          Guide for Rift Mage
–          Guide for Rift Warrior
–          Guide for Rift Cleric; and
–          Guide for Rift Rogue.
Each guide has an overview of their specific calling. In example, it says that the Cleric calling is the absolute and number one healing class of the Rift game.
So if the player chooses this one, it means that he does not want any boss and goes solo in attacking enemies. Therefore, going solo can give the player more chance to level up than playing with some other MMORPG players as a team.
            Another tip to level up fast and steady is to know how to combine the best soul, healing, tanking and PvP (Player vs. Player). Tricks and tips can also be found online posted by Rift players to help others to level up and enjoy the game more.
            However, when a player is armed with pile after pile of Rift Gold, he has more chances to play longer, level up and get acquainted with the game intimately. This would enable him to discover more things on how to stay long in the game.
 New Fantasy, New Adventure
Rift Gold: New Fantasy, New Adventure
            It is very possible that StarCraft fans would divulge their attention more to the new online game, Rift. The concept is a new fantasy with a new kind of adventures. The currency used, Rift Gold is the “money” that could help players in staying and be part of the game.
This incredible MMORPG features the Planes of Telara, in which this world is under siege from six primitive forces: water, air, earth, fire    , life and death. Monsters would invade if the rifts are unchecked.
They would conquer huge portions of thelandofTelara. They would kill and impair the players on that specific land area. The player/s that enables to secure or seal the rifts will be rewarded with buffing, healing or attacking talents and abilities.
            One interesting feature of this online game is that the avatar of the player can be customized as he wishes. In example, the player wants to change the hairstyle, skin color , he can do so.
However, it also depends on the player’s race for the skin color has limited color palette and features.
            The six different Rift races are as follows:
–          High Elves (they have the ability to leap or fly a large distance every 15 seconds)
–          Dwarves (they are considered as skilled Warriors and craftsmen)
–          Bahmi (they have elemental heritage, not Telara-natives)
–          Kelari (High Elve’s outcast from society)
–          Mathosians (they have ability to increase the group’s speed movement by 30%)
–          Eth (loyal to the Vigil gods with prized intellect)
The fantasy side of this game is that the concept created makes the player to be soulfully gets involved with it. Almost everyone wants to be a hero on his own way. Also, anyone wants to be healed fast when injured. And, everyone wants to have longer life-spans. The game can give the player all this things.
            For the adventure side, the game contains a great number of quests that a player must undergo and win over. Rift Gold is one tool that could help a player in his quests, plus his intelligence in choosing the correct calling, souls, team mates, and others that are needed for leveling up and staying more in the game.
             The Rift Gold can be used to buy or trade important items, which will be utilized by the MMORPG player/s as they go on some quests in the game. The cheapest can be bought at online stores. Some have 10% off but ensure to not be scammed by some websites.
New Quests on Rift Gold
            Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games (MMORPGs) are so popular these days. They are popular especially to all males across all ages – from kindergarten to office men.<strong class='lazyload StrictlyAutoTagBold'/>new gen
In thePhilippines, almost all Internet cafes are given life because of these games. Elementary kids, high school and college teenagers as well as working men can be heard shouting at each other while playing some specific online games.
With Rift Gold, MMORPG players can enjoy more with Rift game. Aside from this, to be able to be part of the game, here are some (recommended) requirements that the PCs should have:
–          Windows 7, XP orVista[for the operating system (OS)]
–          2.2 GHz (for CPU)
–          RAM should be 4 GB (for the memory)
–          Space should be at least 15 GB free (for hard drive space)
–          June 2010 updated Nvidia GTX 200M or Nvidia GTS 250 (for graphics hardware)
–          Should have DirectX 8.1 compliant card (for sound hardware)
–          Should have broadband Internet connection (for network)
Not completing the requirements, the player cannot enter or join the game. High-end PCs should be used for this online game. One cannot enjoy playing without these in the first place. It is recommended that the player before buying Rift Gold should have the necessary tools to be able to join the game.
The first quest to join the game is to secure the required PCs (both software and hardware) and then the Rift Gold. Second quest is to choose the right calling, souls, co-team players, race, talents or abilities and others. And the third quest is to stay alive in the game by completing specific and desired quests – there are quests that the player can ignore.
But know that quests have rewards such as talents, coins, healing ability, more XPs, more items (which can be used on later part of the game), more usable artifacts, jewels and other valuables which help the player to level up.
Some examples of usable and valuable items are as follows:
–          Eternal vanguard sabatons
–          Tempered scale heavy boots
–          Hunter’s moon boots
–          Dark runic slippers
–          Wand of the Arbor
–          Three springs rifle
–          Kirna’s blessed wand
–          Umbral bane bow
–          Cap of the initiated
–          Anointed plate helm
–          Consecrated cap
–          Coif of the pious
–          Thousands of XPs and many others, which the player can choose from.
Each item has its specific use, depending on the player if he thinks it is a necessity. Each item could be useful to other succeeding quests as the player moves from one level to another.

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