How to make your relationship work when love turns volatile

We all know that human beings are social animals and we cannot lead life happily by living alone. In our life, all sorts of relationships play vital role for our happiness as well as sorrows.
There should be a harmony in our relationship with our family, friends and people we deal with in day to day life how do i improve my relationship
Most of us confuse in maintaining the proper relationship with others. We cannot take all our relationships for granted.
We have to be serious in building the good relationship with friends for happy life, with our staff or coordinates for our success or with our wife for peaceful life.
Maintaining good relationship with friends takes the first position in our life. There may be many people without parents or wife or children or even family. But we cannot see a person without at least a single friend.
The value of friendship should not be underestimated. The simple secret to maintain good relationship with friends and creating more good friends is that we should be a good friend.
There is no need to blame anyone of not having enough friends in life. If we are really in the mode of friendship then automatically we will get more friends.perfect relationship quotes
We spend most of our time in our work place. When we calculate the time we spend in our work we could notice that our co-workers or our staff will be with us a lot more than our family.
It is essential for us to maintain happy relationship with them because of their support in our work or business.
It is an art to be in harmony with co-workers. Most of the time, our tongue will be the reason for all the problems. It is wise to think twice to speak to the staff and co-workers.
If they at the same grade like us it would be fine to converse as a friend. At the same time if they are lower or higher than our position it is wise to stand in their shoes before talking.
If we follow this simple one it would be really a good base for our perfect relationship with the people who support our work or business.
When it comes to family the only thing which works better is love. We need to love our wife, children, parents, siblings and all other relatives.
If we do this love with sincerity then we will sure get true love from them. There may be some exceptions in all the above mentioned ways but most of the time these stuff will work to maintain good relationships.
Some secrets should not be revealed but some secrets even revealed cannot be followed by us. It is for sure that the all above mentioned secrets belong to that category.


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