How to Do Corporate Stationery design


The most fun product that you can design for your business is corporate stationery. Stationery for a business in no way has to be boring. In fact, each business should strive to make their stationery look different from other businesses. The goal is for a customer or business contact to look at the stationery and immediate identify your business. To do this you need to stand out. A good corporate stationery design printing service will allow you to create a unique look that aids your general appeal.

Corporate Logo

stationery designTo design corporate stationery it is integral that you have a business logo. A logo can be small and simple, but a logo must be on the stationery and must be identifiable to the public. Any major business that you see every day has a picture or logo that you associate with the brand. This association is a way for a company to stay on the mind of a consumer in small ways. This logo is a must for your business, so be sure to decide on a sketch before going to print.

Pick Good Typography

Typography for business letterhead and other business products has a large effect on the look of the stationery. There are hundreds of typefaces that can be used for business letter heads. The one caveat is that the type must be professional. Some typefaces do not have a professional appearance and should be avoided. It is better to choose a plain typeface than to choose an unprofessional typeface. If in doubt, ask the printing service for suggestions. If you would not use the typeface for professional typing, it may be a good idea to avoid it for your business stationery.

Be Bold with your Colour

Since your business stationery is meant to stand out in ways, feel free to be bold with your use of colour. Use the companies adopted colours to add to the stationery. The stationery can be colourful in the background and in the area surrounding the business information. The colours of the business itself do not matter as much as making it a habit to display these colours. For stationery envelopes, be sure to display the company’s colours. Having completely coloured stationery envelope will make any gift notes or personal letters that you send out for your business to be immediately recognisable. Envelopes and corporate notepad are a great way to use colour without feeling nonprofessional.

Use Appropriate Spacing

Spacing is one of those slight details that make a big difference. The one thing that you don’t want is for your stationery to look too busy or compact. Properly space out the words and the lines on the letterhead to make sure that it is easily readable.Corporate stationery is readable from the same distance as a book. Make sure that your stationery has proper spacing so that each line can be read. The amount of information placed on the stationery will be so short that each word and phone number are critical, so be sure to choose proper spacing for all of your pieces.

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