Applications to keep your Android Device Guarded

The problem with the present-day mobiles is that they are full of applications. Certainly, the users are too much into different types of applications. Here, the issue is that there are so many viruses all over the place. If you don’t have proper precautions in your device, you might end up losing all the data and effectiveness of your device.

What should you do?

Well, if you are an android user then you should start using the finest anti-viruses in your device. These tools would ensure that your device is secure and they work in the background to keep any type of virus or issue at a bay. Don’t be intimidated because the following are a few apps options that you can check out to start with.

Sophos Antivirus and security

It is one of the most relished and effective antivirus apps you can think of having on Android at an absolutely no price.  The interface of this application might not impress you extensively but the features would definitely blow your mind. It has features like:

  • Virus scanning of all your installed apps, present apps and the media stored in the device.
  • Loss and theft guard with the support of distant access that allows the user to clear, lock, ring and even that of locating the device
  • Spam blocking
  • Web-filtering

The application do brag about having the feature of the latest malware detection rate of complete hundred percent.  It really helps the app to stand out of the rest.

Avast Mobile Security

It is an application that is one of the world’s most trusted and reliable free antiviruses for your Android. The application alerts you when adware or spyware get installed and upset your privacy.   The point is that once the malware and safe browsing are your chief concern, then this application is apt for the device. Moreover, the application does not hang up or bother the users in any way. The application would work in the background while you are busy running your phone. In this way without your knowledge, your device is taken care of.


Again, this is a distinct type of app that would save your mobile or device in a distinct manner. Maybe you have a lock on your ‘lock screen’ right? But have you done anything about your applications? What if your device is unlocked and someone is going through your applications like mails, Whatsapp, Facebook, gallery and so on? Here, the cool thing is that Applock enables you to put the locks on the applications that you want to be guarded. Even if your phone is unlocked and in the hand of anyone, they cannot access the apps that you have check-marked under Applock. These apps would ask them to fill the security password or pin. Another good thing is that the application is absolutely a cakewalk to use and it would not bother you in any way.


Thus, go and do 9apps Apk download and hence get all these applications along with many others from this third party play store for free.