3 Legit ways to make money teaching kids online

3 Legit ways to make money teaching kids online

Originally posted on April 7, 2020 @ 10:12 pm

Despite all authentic hardcore jobs which needs you to be very attentive and focused for a particular period of time in every weekday, there are still some jobs where you can be your own boss by enlisted some of the criteria upon which you’ll work for that company. The second thing is you’ll be your own boss if you get linked with any institution or any teaching courses online. It is really in demand because if you give some good hours to any institution then they will definitely pay you a good amount for your service also. So there are 3 legit ways by which you can make easy money teaching only kids or giving tutorial online. So despite any authentic services, you can definitely opt for any of the following methods by which you can start your online tuition.

Three ways by which you can make money while teaching kids online are:

How to Earn Money Online- Guest Post

  • Selling lesson plans: if you are good with your notes and you have a great command related to the topics then you are perfect to join in this for the selling of lesson plans. Selling lesson plans are very simple once you have prepared all the selling notes or lesson related to those particular subjects which are in demands. Like science notes or history, notes are demand in every time because of the lack of good teacher in society. Students do prefer to get professional help when it comes to their studies and this you can use as your weapon or key by which you can gain popularity in the online world.
  • Tutoring online: there are many companies abroad as well as in India also which are recruiting new interns as the tutors. Across the nation students join the classes via digital media and they can gain a lot of knowledge from your experience and in return, you can get a good amount of salary for that teaching also. so you are helping those students also who aren’t getting any good tutor in their locality and also in return you are also getting a handsome amount for your hard work and dedication. The best thing is that you are getting paid for every hour, so it totally depends upon you that how many hours you are working for them related to the tutoring process. If you are working for many collective hours then you’ll be paid correspondingly and if you are working for lesser hours then the payment will be done accordingly only. So with nay mainstream jobs, you can definitely go for this option because the hourly payment is very good and it totally depends upon the subjects you are taking classes for.
  • You can try writing for any other educational services: nowadays educational blogs are on high demand because students or aspirants of different competitive exams do choose reading blogs from some experts or from those who have a great knowledge related to that subject. Many aspirants who are preparing for Banking or even for UPSC aspirants, they too go for many educational blogs which can help them gain some extra knowledge from those blogs. And also you can get benefitted by these views because according to view only you can get payment from the directed company. So it is a kind of full-time job if you have got some good view of that particular educational blog.
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So, these are three most profoundly used online profession related to the teaching. The teaching profession is the noble profession which has been termed as a profession in which teachers are considered as “guru” in Indian Mythology which means they are masters. They built all the minds of the young generation and prepares the path of all those young minds.

Why online teaching profession got so much importance?

This world is totally heading toward digitalization where everybody is totally dependent upon the internet. Even for the smallest query, we have in our mind, we search instantly on the internet. Likewise in the educational industry, this rule applies. We often search for the contents on the internet which are physically not available in the place where the students are studying. And it is always considered that when we see any information by visual means because it helps in marking a solid print in our brain. And because of this only we don’t easily forget the things which we have observed while watching the video tutorial. So, it very important to switch from an authentic pattern of teaching to a modern pattern of teaching. And modern teaching is no doubt this online pattern of teaching but teaching can be divided into numerous parts, especially in an online scenario. So if you really want to get indulged into modern teaching then you should definitely try one of these three methods by which you can easily make money by easy online teaching.


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