2 Best Restaurants in the world that have moved ahead of employing human waiters!

2 Best Restaurants in the world that have moved ahead of employing human waiters!

Originally posted on April 8, 2020 @ 2:36 am

Our world is house to numerous unusual places and things that we can come across or experience, if we keep traveling often. Taking holidays at regular intervals and planning outings with family and friends is a great way to explore the weird aspects of the globe.


Technology is something that has been developing ever since it came into existence. Typical landline phones have been replaced by wireless cellular devices that can be carried anywhere and everywhere you go. Black and white box television sets are no longer seen in houses; rather we have moved on with color as well as HD flat screen TVs. A computer, laptop, tablet, and mobile phone with the use of internet connect us to people in every corner of the world, irrespective of the distance. We can save energy and time by driving off in a car to work places or other destinations. Cooking food has become easier, faster, and convenient with the help of a microwave. Modern day technology helps us complete daily tasks at the click of a button.

These are 2 automated best restaurants in the world that have moved ahead of employing the typical human waiters. You can stop by and experience the high tech services provided here during your holiday packages to Germany and China respectively.

Baggers, Germany

A one of its kind restaurant that serves the people of Germany with some delicious and healthy food has opened up in Nuremberg, Germany. It is unique because it does not employ any waiters. The only humans you will see in this fully automated restaurant are the cooks, who are also going to be replaced by machines very soon. A cool and cozy ambience along with some high end equipment makes this place at least a onetime visit during your holiday tour or family vacations to Germany. Touch screens have been installed at Baggers on every table, which can be used to view the menu and place your orders, finally paying the bill using cards. The dishes will be sent to your table from the kitchen above along steel rails that use the power of gravity. This will keep you wondering that from where your food comes flying from. Amazing, isn’t it? It is a dare, if you find out where it comes from, then you can get all the food you order for free.

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Robot Restaurant, China

On the similar lines, a restaurant in Harbin, China has recently adopted a whole robotic setting, which is one of the many unusual things that you will come across in this country. Being one of the best holiday destinations in the world, China is a house to this robot restaurant, where everything from cooking to serving the guests is done by 18 well designed robots. They are all equipped with motion detectors and can express ten types of facial expressions as well as communicate in basic Chinese language. From welcoming the customers inside the eatery to directing them to a table; from cooking dumplings and noodles to serving them to the guests; and from maintaining a wonderful surrounding to providing satisfactory services to the customers, these robots do everything.

These fully automated restaurants have become major tourist attractions for people visiting Germany and China from all over the globe!

Author bio- The author of this post is a food analyst by profession and loves to write in her free time about travel and food. She came across these 2 robotic restaurants during her holiday packages to Germany and China respectively.

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