9 DIY ideas for small gardens containers

Ideas for small gardens containers

Designing and remodeling a garden is as amazing as interior designing and it needs lots of imagination along with creativity. To elevate the charm of a simple garden and to style it trendier, just use few unusual and spare containers. You can find most of them in the dump of your store room or you have to use your skills to craft them out through recycling wooden or metal stuff. Several ideas for small gardens would pop-up in your mind once you started doing it.

Ideas for small gardens containers

Bicycle basket

Had a ragged old bicycle which you don’t use now? Paint and repair it enough to make it stand and utilize its front basket by planting colorful spring flowers. Place it beside a tree or light pole of your garden and cherish its beauty.

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Leather bag

A firm leather bag at your store room would become an excellent option to convert it into plant container. Pack it with appropriate soil and plant some bushes or cactus in it. It will look lovely at the edge of your garden’s wall.

Animal shaped containers

Animal lovers can express their love by transforming wooden or metal pieces into different shapes of animals to grow plants or flowers in them. Shape the material into your beloved animal’s figure, coat and spot it with relevant paint and start growing your floras.

Animal feeders

Craziest choices are often most adorable ones. Chicken or cattle feeders can be amazing plant containers. Flourish them with gorgeous tulips and daffodils or wonderful red rice to get an artistic touch.


Glass or plastic bottles are commonly used pots for planting shrubs and climber plants. Implementing DIY ideas you can cut them half and use them in your garden. To cut the plastic bottle simply use scissor and pat it on hot iron to avoid sharp edges. Cutting of glass bottles can be a little trick. Tie a strip of yarn in nail polish remover and tie it around the bottle, light the yarn with candle to burn it and then dip bottle in cold water, it’s a perfect split.


Worn out picture frames can give your garden wall a pictorial impression. Wooden carved, contemporary metal or synthetic material any kind of frame can give you the upshot needed. Attach a small wooden bucket at lower end of frame cover it with golden or silver spray paint and hang it on wall.

Metal drums

Large metal drum are fascination props to install in your garden. Portray two fairy or caricature figures of male and female with bright smiles, indicate your and your partner’s name by using canvas printing online. Locate them in the corner of garden to symbolize a happy couple.

Old car trunk

You can preserve your cast-off dear car inform of a garden ampule. Empty the whole body of car refurbishes it to get a glow and instate it in your lawn. Fill its trunk with soil and grow some magnificent spring flowers in it.

Holiday tins

Holidays come with load of gifts, lovely candy tins and glittery sweet boxes. Instead of throwing them off, reutilize them in form of garden props to augment your inspiration and recycling habit.

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