Reinvent yourself with Enthralling Styling Tips for New Year

Styling Tips for New Year:-

Having a sense of style and fashion is a blessing in itself. Especially if you are a woman and who prefers good and sensible clothing. The fashion industry has limitless option, but the big question is what suits your body? Follow these simple advices and look like you have never looked before.

The fashion industry in New Year is more advanced and fashionable like never before. From clothing till accessories, everything is simply astonishing and exquisite. With fashion clothing for all seasons, the industry has changed the whole perception towards clothing.

Styling Tips for New Year

One of the best part I liked about the fashion this year is, that the clothes are reaching to more common people. Or else designer clothes were considered as perks of the wealthy ones. But not any more. So, now as the clothing is for everyone, the question for women is what to wear?, when to wear? and how to wear?. With many options in the market it is not mandatory to have all of them in your closet, you have to know your style and what suits you better. So, today to help such ladies, I am writing some tips to follow and choose the right clothing for yourself.

Dress For Yourself

This is a very important advice. Being a women dress for women, not to show off to the opposite sex. If you wear something that you like and are comfortable with, your confidence will be high and you will feel good about yourself.

If you are wearing something that you are not comfortable with, you probably look un-comfortable too. So, if you don’t feel it right, don’t wear it.

Tailor Your Clothes

We all have the weight gain and loss issues and it is perfectly fine. This doesn’t mean you have to buy new clothes every now and then. Buy something that can be altered. Blazers, pants, tops, no matter what, make sure the money is well spent.

Same is the case with footwear. We all face the problem while we buy new ones. They are never the same you previously bought, so what not fix the footwear, that you have used. You can save money, also you can cherish your favorite footwear.

As you have already invested the money and it only fits you, why not make the money worth. Reuse and recycle ladies.

Stick To Denim


Denim clothing is one of the trend that has been around for a long time and it is going to be around for a long long time.

Denim jeans, shirts, jackets, no matter what. Consider them as your best friends. If you want to look casual for any occasion, denim is the holy grail.

Denim is the type of clothing you surely want in your closet. A good pairs of skinny jeans and a top can get you ready for an occasion instantly.

Go with your body (VERY IMPORTANT)

We all the know the fashion industry. The trends keep on changing and with the new season comes a new line of clothing from many different designers.

The point I am trying to make is you don’t have to have all types of clothing. Clothing is something that depends entirely upto your BODY TYPE. So, if your body type doesn’t support the trend, skip it. You don’t have to have everything in the market.

People usually say about pulling anything off if you are confident, but if you are not fine and comfortable, SKIP IT.

Watches And Belts Are a Must

Watches are classy, superb and give the edge you need for the occasion. Beach party, pool party, baby shower or wedding watches are musts.

People invest in a good watch that can last for a lifetime, it is a good approach if you are not a big watch fan. But if you love watches (like me), it is better to have a good, affordable collection for different occasions.

Same goes with belts. They have been around since eternity and they are as important as watches. Round belt, skinny belt, leather belt, cotton belt, Concho belt, bottle opener belt and so forth.

Ready-made or customized fashion belts, they are very important part of the wardrobe and the occasion you are going to. Personally speaking,’Belts and watches are a must’.

If you find your style, STICK TO IT

With enormous in the market, it is very difficult to know what t wear and stick to the style that suits you the most. So, try different styles, come might come out great, some might not, but once you find what suits you the most, appeals you the most and makes you feel confident and comfortable, stick to it.

Just because there are many options in the market doesn’t mean you have to have them all, getting the right style for yourself is very important. A simple denim and T-shirt can be your signature look. Don’t let it go!

Plan your shopping

Before you hit the mall, take a look at your wardrobe. Look for the things you actually need. Cleaning out the closet is even a better idea.

I know it is hard to depart from your beloved clothes, but it is necessary to get rid of the old ones to make place for the new ones. The clothes that have hung around for a while or the ones that are actually out of fashion should not be there in the wardrobe.

Donate the clothes, swap them, hit the mall with a clear idea of what you actually want and need for the coming season.

Well, the above mentioned tips are very practical and can actually help you in many ways to decide what to do and how to do about the clothing you have. I still have some tips in mind which I will share in my next post. Follow the tips and suggestions also if you have any, feel free to write them.

Shop Smart!

Authorship-Donna Cooper is a great fan  of stylish clothes and have a huge collection  of them. She visits many exhibitions that display some unique clothes & shares the knowledge with his fellow through blogs other mediums.

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