Environmentally friendly ways-Tips to make your Life a little greener by

Environmentally friendly ways-Tips to make your Life a little greener by

Whether you’re fully supportive of efforts to tackle climate change or a little more uncertain about the best course of action, going green in your daily life can result in some great results for your finances and wellbeing.

Environmentally friendly ways

 Today everybody playing a part in protecting the environment.Helping the environment and saving cash can be done in a variety of ways, from taking out boiler insurance to make sure your heating continues to run at its optimum level to installing insulation to prevent heat from escaping your property. Why not give some of these environmentally friendly tips a try for yourself?

Only use the heating when needed

During summer it’s easier to avoid using the central heating but during the winter months it can be impossible to do without. When you do make use of it try to keep windows and doors closed as this might allow you to turn down the thermostat by a couple of degrees. At this point, it could be worth looking at investing in boiler cover that comes with an annual check-up, as well as a British Standard jacket to keep the heat in.

Change your travelling habits

For many people, owning a car is something of a necessity, but there may be occasions where you can afford to leave your vehicle at home. This could be for a trip to the local shops, where walking might be a realistic alternative that is better for your health and finances. You might even find you’re able to get to your workplace without needing to get behind the wheel each day. Why not find out if any of your colleagues would be open to splitting driving duties with you throughout the week? This could lead to a reduction in petrol consumption and mileage for you both, which over the course of the year is sure to add up.

Think twice before taking plastic bags

It can be easy to simply accept a plastic carrier bag at the checkout, but the reality is they’re having a dramatic impact on the amount of waste sent to landfill. Instead, why not take along reusable shopping bags or boxes when stocking up, or if you do have old plastic bags in your house take them along with you rather than using even more. There have been calls in recent times for England to follow Wales and Northern Ireland in introducing a charge for each bag used. These were put in place in October 2011 and when speaking to the Guardian one year later John Griffiths, Welsh environment minister, suggested the successful implementation seen in the country would also be possible around the UK.

Switch off when not in use

The average home now has a whole host of electronics, meaning it can be easy to forget about something that isn’t in use. However, doing this can have a significant impact on your energy bill, so make sure phone and laptop chargers are only left in until their batteries are full, as they will continue to drain power from the socket after this point.  Television sets on standby are more energy efficient than those left on, but it’s still better to turn them off properly. You could even cut the power usage of your TV through simple steps such as adjusting its brightness.

Wash at a cooler temperature

Heating up water for the washing machine makes up a significant part of the overall costs associated with it, so it’s well worth switching to a cooler temperature. This is likely to wash clothes just as effectively but should leave you with extra pounds to spare Iong run.


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