Blame it on My Gypsy Soul

Blame it on My Gypsy Soul

Recently, I picked up a book by a new author. It was extremely small and I merely wished to test my luck as I had a very small journey ahead of me. Little did I know that the book in itself would also prove to be a journey in itself!

The book was titled: Blame it on My Gypsy Soul. The book charts the progress of a story in a flashback around two main protagonists, Kabir and Ayesha. It had elements of heartbreak we find that are merely facets of any relationship today such as heartbreak, ghosting, gaslighting, bread crumbing and cheating along with a very unique style of storytelling that was fresh and extremely relatable. 

The greatest segue -as per my opinion – is the fact that the story does not suddenly hand over a tale where everything magically works itself out by the end of the book! On the contrary, the characters indeed face heartbreak in the direst way but the best part about the tale is how they are there for each other as their very own support system.    

Kabir’s deep introspective way of adding quotes he could most relate to the situation he faced along with Ayesha’s uncanny flashbacks throughout the story gave me a very surreal experience as if I could feel the characters tell me the story firsthand!

To top it off, there may be no magic in the book, but in a way, the very essence of elements such as the cover of the book (being a crescent moon shaped dream catcher) or the name of the chapters (given in the form of tarot cards) provide a very unique perspective on the take of the whole journey and is something that I loved.

I sincerely hope that the book has a sequel and the characters get the chance to grow and develop even further, but for now, I am simply captivated and could not put the book down as I was too busy in skimming page after page of a tale that felt so close to home!

I reached out to the author in the wildest hope that he would reply some questions I had and to my utter delight, he did indeed!

What inspired you to write the book?

I believe I have seen friends in all wakes of life and how they suffer while having their hearts broken or not ending up with the person they went above and beyond for. The story is inspired by and an amalgamation of all of their stories and the characters are merely a conduit via which I could convey the diaspora of emotions they may have felt. It echoses the profound saying of George Bernard Shaw: “There are two tragedies in life. One is to lose your heart’s desire. The other is to gain it.” 

What message would you like to give to your readers?

Mental health is a major issue among people of all ages in the society. The book aims at exploring the story of protagonists who face such issues in the aspect of losing out on the ones they love through ghosting, gaslighting and breadcrumbing in both the male and female aspects. It reinstates the fact that having a strong support system and close friends helps amidst the darkness. This story encompasses that through the plot and characters. 

I request you all to pick up your copy as soon as possible! It is a brilliant book and definitely a must read to add to your bookshelves!

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