3 festivals celebrated in the world that will leave you flabbergasted!

Every country celebrates a wide range of festivals and events in their own traditional way. Touring these countries to discover some fabulous and unusual festivals can be a great way to know more about the world.


We tour the various parts of world for numerous reasons. Sometimes to just relax and holiday, whereas, sometimes it can be a business or work related trip. Business tours might not allow you to spare much time for sightseeing or holidaying. However, the vacation tours can be better utilized to explore the wonderful holiday destinations in the world. The purpose of holidaying also varies according to our mood. If adventure and fun is something that we are seeking for, then places that offer access to adventurous sports and activities are chosen. When, you only wish to relax, you pick up a place that is cozy and soothing. How about planning a trip with an intention of participating in the world’s best celebrated festivals?

Taking up a holiday packages to a particular country, only to be a part of the traditional festivals celebrated there with great pomp and joy, can be a unique way to spend your holidays. Visit these three countries to witness the amazing festivals celebrated here that will leave you flabbergasted.

El Salvador: Festival of fire – Bolas de Fuego

El Salvador is a country located in Central America, which not many will even consider for their holiday trip. However, the country celebrates an unusual festival that nobody would have even heard of. It is strange as well as scary, but you might like to observe it from close, if unique things excite you and you possess the nerve. Famous as the Bolas de Fuego that translates to Balls of Fire, this festival is enjoyed by a wide variety of males, females, and children. The ritual is to make two teams, one good and the other evil. These teams then toss kerosene soaked fireballs at each other. Dangerous as it sounds; complete care is taken of the participants’ and viewers’ safety. Book a holiday package to El Salvador, if you wish to be a part of this thrilling festival that will leave you astonished.

Thailand: Festival of water – Songkran

Here, it is not about spraying colors at your relatives and friends. Thailand is a country, where people spray water on each other, in order to celebrate the New Year. The world’s largest water gun fight takes place on this day, where the entire Thailand immerses itself in water. Water is splashed directly from buckets as well. Some weird ones get elephants to spray water on everyone. You can also get drenched in this fun filled festival of Songkran on your trip to Thailand during April, which is one of the best holiday destinations worldwide.

Spain: Festival of tomato fights – Tomatina

Food is to eat and not throw. However, the most popular and bizarre festival of Spain believes in throwing tomatoes on one another. The Tomatina festival is celebrated on the fourth Wednesday in August every year. Thousands of people including tourists gather at the Bunyol town and indulge into the weird tomato fight, in the narrow streets of this town. Doesn’t that sound astounding? However, if you wish to participate in some juicy tomato fight, then Spain might be your ideal choice.

Thus, a holiday package to El Salvador, Thailand, and Spain can make you come across some wonderful festivals celebrated here that will leave you awe-struck!

Author bio- The author of this article has visited each of these countries for a holiday and personally enjoyed the unusual festivals. He suggests you to book a holiday package to the same places for an overwhelming experience. Author says Life is not about the destination, it is the journey that matters. I live my life by these lines. A vivid traveler by heart, I am a firm believer that true experiences can only be acquired by learning the diversity found in various destinations. From London to Paris, New York to Beijing, Bahamas to Mumbai, a travelers life is all about the experiences you gain from the journey of life. I am also a professional photographer, capturing all my travels subliminally.


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