The Variety and Procurement of NATO Strap

 Procurement of NATO Strap

During the last couple of decades; there are some massive changes have been occurring in economy, culture and also in market trend and behavior. These changes are not being confined to a particular region or country; on the contrary, these features can be seen in almost everywhere throughout the world and in almost every different social structure. With the growing economy, the requirements and likings have also changed a lot; people are now more choosy and affectionate about procuring quality items for both individual and household purposes. Nowadays, even when a person intends to buy a watch or any of its accessories; he tries his best to procure the most sought after item and get ready to spend a hefty amount of money for purchasing of the selected item.



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The world of watches has entered into the most golden era and nowadays the spectrum of variety of watches created a huge scope for almost all people, of different strata and income group, to grab the chance of having a watch of his choice. Although the invention of the watch was done way back in 15th century, but only in the early 19th century the wristwatch took the start and after evolving in 200 years, the wristwatch has entered into the nano technology epoch. The erstwhile mechanical watches have already taken the backstage and more advanced battery operated or quartz wristwatches are the contemporary fashion in.


With the changing pattern and quality of wristwatches, there is a sea change can be observed in the style and type of wristwatch bands. Unlike earlier times, when the band was coming as a fixed accessory with the specific watch, the trend in today’s world has changed and people are more and more inclined to have a matching band for his preferred wristwatch, which can be selected and bought from a huge variety of quality bands with versatile colors and made of different ingredients. Previously the user was bound to stick to the colors of black and brown, but today there are gamuts of color variety and of different style like, checks, stripes, etc., which eventually add some extra beauty to the wristwatch. Not only leather, bands for wristwatches are now available, which are made from raw materials of steel, cotton, jute, polyester and nylon. All these bands have their own characteristics and effect that can be singled out by any lame person, who don’t even have any knowledge of band material and quality. It can be noted that while some of the internationally acclaimed brand of bands are available with a higher price tag, there are lots of other quality and variety of bands, which can be availed by any person, irrespective of age, strata and financial condition.


Bands – Mechanized and Hand crafted

The huge amount of watch bands or straps are required to cater the enormous demand by both men and women, therefore; to match the supply requirement, a variety of manufacturing units, small medium and large scale, are there in almost across the world. There are large scale mechanized ultramodern industries, where huge numbers of straps are being manufactured, at the same time, there are some artisans, who used to manufacture customized and specially ordered bands for limited clientele and they have their own niche market. In earlier days, people used to try such bands, whose longevity was the main criteria, but in contemporary society; an individual think differently and use to go for bands, which could match the color and style with the attire. Even the band is being chosen as per the occasion and event and also on the basis of climate. There are different nature of watch straps, such as; Pass through, NATO, Zulu, 3 – ring, 5 – ring, RAF, Bond, Bund, etc., which are usually used in common but some other lesser known types are also there to meet the specialized requirements.

NATO Strap – A Brief Detail

The name of this band is a unique one, but it shouldn’t be confused with the famous international organization, which is a conglomeration of some advanced countries. This band has nothing to do with NATO and don’t even have any remote connection with this entity. The NATO Strap is a simple pass through strap, made of nylon, which has a fixed metallic buckle and 2 rings. While one of the rings is being fitted underneath the buckle for securing the tail of the fastening strap, the other ring used to fix with the secondary strap. This particular version of wristwatch band or strap is widely popular among the users and there are various industrial units, which are manufacturing this kind of strap in various countries to cater the huge demand of the market.

Procurement of NATO Strap

There are no dearth of shops or selling units for watches in modern society, thereby availability of the strap or watch bands are not a problem at all. Not only in urban areas, even in the rural belt, this particular article is available and one can easily have the opportunity to select a specific NATO strap from any of the nearby outlets. It can be easily noticed that the old age watch shops are now taking backstage and newer branded shops and outlets, mostly in shopping malls, are replacing them with a very fast pace. Apart from this; in the ear of computer and internet anybody can go to any online retail shop to select and buy a band of his choice, with comfort and ease.


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