A lot of people deem it impossible to diagnose car issues alone. However, if you are aware of several symptoms regarding some of the most common problems then you should be able to diagnose car trouble effectively. This in turn means you can get your car fixed immediately and benefit from a cheaper deal as well. This article deals with automatic gearbox failure. Read on to discover some telling signs that you may be in transmission trouble…•    Your vehicle refuses to go into gear – If your transmission refuses to budge when you attempt to move the stick shifter then this can be a sign of gearbox trouble.GEARBOX•    Leaking fluid – This is actually one of the easiest ways to detect that you are experiencing transmission problems. Fluid is imperative to your car’s shifting ability and therefore if you do not have enough this can lead to serious automatic gearbox issues.

•    Gear slipping – As you know; when a car is functioning properly you need to move the gear shift in order to change it. However, if your gear slips automatically then this can be a sign of serious transmission trouble, and of course it can be extremely unnerving too.

•    Noisy when in neutral – When your transmission is in neutral you shouldn’t hear any noises. Of course this often happens when the car is shifting. However, if you hear anything during the neutral period then this can be a clear indication of a transmission issue.

•    Engine light – An issue with your engine light does not always mean that there is a transmission problem. However, this is something that should be checked because it can often be a warning sign.

•    Burning smell – If you notice a burning smell then this could be because your transmission is overheating. If you have low levels of transmission fluid then this can easily occur.

•    Dragging clutch – This is another issue that can really worry many drivers. This is when you push the clutch pedal yet the clutch does not engage with the cultch disk from the flywheel. This means you will fail to shift gears and the concern is enhanced further by the awful grinding noise that occurs. This is usually not an expensive transmission issue to fix, yet it is a concerning one.

•    Shaking – If you have an automatic vehicle then shaking will occur if the gearbox has failed.

•    Lack of response – Last but not least, a lack of response is another clear indication that there could be something wrong with your vehicle’s gearbox. If you cannot move your vehicle into the gear desired or if you struggle to do so, then this is one of the most obvious signs that something is seriously wrong with your automatic gearbox.

If your car is experiencing any of these issues then it is highly recommended that you get it seen to sooner rather than later. A professional will be able to confirm whether the issue is indeed the transmission and they will be able to sort the problem instantly. If you don’t get it seen to straight away then the issue could not only get worse but more expensive too.


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