Car Insurance: Losing Car Keys

Car Insurance: Losing Car Keys


Houston, we have a problem: You lost the car keys or you’ve keys left in car and the other set you left at home. What can make your car insurance for you?

Relax, we have several alternatives. Your insurance company may propose alternatives. For these cases, your insurance has allocated an amount of about 90 € -120 € (depending on the company and the hedges contracted) to try to help. The most common options that can offer are, always without exceeding that amount:

Losing Car Keys

– If you are not too far from where you have another set of keys, you can get a means of transport to collect.

– Can send you the other set of keys for messaging (have to go a relative or friend to pick up the keys, of course).

– Provide you with a rental car. As the amount of money allocated to these cases is around € 90, gives only for 1-2 days rental car.

– Take you car to a workshop to make you a copy of the key. In this case palmar touch you money as a new key can cost between 200 and 400 € (and more if they are electronic).

The insurance company will try to provide all possible facilities, always without breaking the budget you have assigned your insurance for these cases. Sometimes this is not enough and will touch you put something in your pocket.

Let’s say you’re 700km from home, with family, on vacation. You are on the beach and when you return the car back to the hotel you realize you’ve lost the keys. If you remember you’re sure to catch a rental car to pick up the other set of keys, you’re going to hit a good beating to drive. Probably not worth it, if you send by courier the keys, take a couple of days to arrive. This can avail yourself but those two days will be unable to move at your leisure. In this case the company can offer to send you the keys and incidentally get a taxi to the hotel. You can also propose you take the car to a workshop to make you a new copy of the key, but will touch you put an amount of your pocket, as we discussed earlier.

But if you’ve left the keys, a customer recently called us to tell us that he had lost his car keys and left the dog inside. I was having a hard time seeing how the dog inside the car achicharraba. We asked if he could break a moon to at least take the dog out of the car. Watch out, here the company will not cover the expenses of the moon, because regardless of whether the dog inside the moon you’ve broken on purpose. If it happens to a case (or just break the moon because you had the keys inside), do not tell your insurance that you’ve broken the moon or touch you pay out of your pocket.

From not advise you to break the moon and tell your insurance as if investigating a little, I will hunt and touch you pay for your pocket. But I understand that in an extreme case such as having an animal locked inside the car, does it. Then what you tell your insurance is up to you.

The costs allocated by some companies for these types of coverage, as of August 2012 are:

Mapfre 95 €.

AXA : € 120.

Taking a look at Google have not found the exact values ??for companies such as Allianz , Pelayo , Lagun Aro, Reale would be a matter of looking at the overall conditional each company.

I hope you become a little clearer the issue of lost car keys (or leave them on in the car). If you have any questions or want to discuss a particular topic, deja your comment or send me an email and I’ll try to help where I can.

This article is written by Kelly Wilson. She is a professional freelance writer who loves to write about Car Keys Lost in UK, No Spare on Lost Car Keys in UK and other automotive related topics.

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