Photo Books Are The Link Between Picture Albums And Digital

Digital technology has made it so easy to take photographs. Every mobile phone now has a camera and some of them are very high quality. This has led to a decline in the use of the traditional personal photo albums, which is where the photo book comes in.

Trouble With Technology
Advancements in digital technology have taken much of the difficulty out of taking photographs and the end product can be viewed on a mobile phone or a computer. Software such as Adobe Photoshop can be used to easily improve and manipulate photographs. But looking at photos on a screen is not the same as being able to physically hold the picture. On-screen viewing is limited by the resolution of the screen and it is affected by how much the digital picture has been compressed, screen glare and other problems.

A Step Forward
The photo book is the answer. It takes the traditional photo album up several steps. Photo books give you the physical sensation of holding the pictures, but the quality is streets ahead of the photo album. They are becoming increasingly popular, but many people are still unaware of what they actually are and the beautiful objects they can be.

Superb Quality
A top-quality photo book is like a merging of the familiar photo album and a glossy coffee table book of photographs. They are professionally produced, look stunning and mean you can display your favourite photos in one distinct place. Search for photo books online and you will get an idea of the superb quality of modern photo books.

Striking Results
It is all done with new technology, but the result is as striking as a coffee table book you might buy from a retailer. The process of making a photo book is simple and straightforward. Software will take you smoothly through the process of design. First choose a template from the range available. Next, upload the photographs you want to use in the book. New technology means the pictures can be cropped, rotated, expanded or reduced to fit your plans.

A Personal Documentary
One of the advantages of the photo book over the traditional photo album is that you can include text on the pages along with the pictures. So much more information can be added to a photo book that it actually comes close to being a personal documentary in book form. For instance, a couple could create a photo book about their wedding day which follows them all through the day, with text that explains every delight or drama. Pictures taken by friends can also be included. Photo books also allow you to create a collage from a range of pictures.

Photo books are the perfect way to celebrate a major birthday, a wedding, university graduation or wedding anniversary. They are a beautiful way to collect and display your most treasured memories. The latest technology of photo books online means your memories will be captured in a beautiful and stylish form.

Vaughan Winter has worked with photography all his adult life. He writes regularly about photography for a wide range of photography websites and blogs. For anyone interested in creating a photo book he suggests Photo Leaf would be a good place to start.

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