Quick Ways to Decorate Your Office or Family Study

Tired of searching Quick superfast Ways to Decorate Your Office then follow below ways fast-The family study or home office is often neglected but improving the decor will inspire and motivate those who use it.

Ways to Decorate Your Office

1. Adding foliage
Adding a couple of plants to your study or office will instantly refresh the room. Small, potted plants are affordable and easy to care for. Ideal for shelves or desks, they require hardly any care or attention so are perfect for rooms which might be used less frequently. Large, floor-standing potted plants are generally more expensive but can last for many years. If for some reason you can’t have real plants in your office or study, artificial plants have come on hugely in recent years. The perfect low-maintenance option, artificial flowers and plants are very affordable and can look just like the real thing, even close up.

2. Soft furnishings
Unless your study or office is particularly large, you probably don’t have very much seating. If you do have the space for a sofa, scattering some colourful cushions on top will soften your office and add warmth. If you don’t have space for seating, placing a small rug in the centre of the room will have a similar softening effect. If your office or study has window blinds, consider adding curtains or voiles, as well. Creating a warm, homely atmosphere in your study or home office can encourage your family to spend time in there. Creating a personal, comfortable and welcoming environment is as important to your well-being as selecting the right computer chairs and desks for your office.

3. Furniture
Buying aesthetically pleasing pieces will help create a work environment you want to spend time in. There are lots of cheap computer chairs and desks available these days so kitting out your home office needn’t cost a fortune. Home office and study furniture should be functional but should also look good. If you’re going to be spending a lot of time in your office, it’s worth researching furniture thoroughly before buying and ensuring you’ve selected the perfect item.

4. Wall Displays
One of the quickest ways to instantly improve your home office decor is to add a few pieces of wall art. Computer chairs and other office furniture can appear quite bland but incorporating a few splashes of colour can instantly make your study feel more homely. There are plenty of ways to create your own wall art, quickly and very cheaply. If you enjoy taking photos, take a few interesting shots of buildings, local landmarks or landscapes and have them blown up so you can frame them. Family prints are another great idea for a home office or study and are a good way of personalising the room. If you don’t want to take your own photos, inexpensive greetings cards, postcards or mass-produced prints instantly look much more impressive when mounted in a simple frame. Large posters also look great framed and can provide an attractive focal point.


Emma Noone is a freelance writer and interior designer. She helps her clients create functional, attractive living spaces and has written countless articles on this subject. Emma believes every single room in our homes should be practical, functional and aesthetically pleasing. She recommends shopping around to source bargains such as cheap computer chairs and desks to keep your decorating budget down.

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