Different types of grass and Why Sir Walter Turf is Best Among All

Grass is a popular plant in most gardens and you will find a variety of natural grass turfs available in the market. They are generally hardwearing in nature with low maintenance cost and has longevity compared to other forms of ground cover. It is a general assumption that there is only one type of grass, but it is not true. There are in fact a number of different types of grass, but Sir Walter Buffalo turf has more tendency to tolerate the tropical harsh weather of Australia. It can easily survive the extreme Aussie condition and still flourish with soft, green, and healthy grass.

Different types of grass like Turfs are available in different varieties with each having its own distinct properties. Now, the question arises about which type of grass would suit your requirements and lawn. Turf grasses can be clearly divided into two categories i.e. warm-season grasses and cool-season grasses. The cool-season grasses use more water than warm-season grasses and may lose some color in the winter. From September to May is the best time for the installation of warm-grasses whereas, cool-season grasses can be installed throughout the year, and additionally, they look great in all the season.

Apart from seasonal division, grasses can also be classified on the type of use. Generally, the grass used for lawns and gardens is soft and is called buffalo, whereas the grass used for sports fields is called couch grass. Another type of grass is known as fescue which was previously used only in pastures.

Sir Walter Turf is Winning Hearts All Over

Among all, Sir Walter Turf is the only natural grass turf in Australia that is winning hearts all over. It has seen the daylight as an ideal alternative to turf grasses such as the Kikuyu and shademaster, and in no time became the most preferred choice for Australian lawn solutions. When compared to other grass varieties, Sir Walter Turf offers pleasant green colour all year around, even in the dry summer and chilling winter. It can thrive in shade as well as in direct sunlight with limited water supply and fertilizer requirements.

Sir Walter Turf grass can cope with shade, intense sunlight, water restrictions, bugs, weeds, and other problems that nature can bring along. It requires less mowing than Kikuyu so that one can have more time to relax. You do not need to be an expert with special to maintain and manage the turf. This environmental friendly grass is also known as low maintenance grass as it demands less fertilizer and mowing.

If you are looking for the best lawn and garden solution then Sir Walter Turf stand second to none for residential as well as commercial purposes. It is the grass with great appealing value for both the purposes.


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