What to look out for when grammar checking in copywriting

Ways of grammar checking in copywriting-

Are you a professional copywriter? Are you creating web pages and blogs? Well, if that is you then a small glitch in grammar can have a bigger impact compared to anywhere else in the industry. Copywriting is very delicate and when you simply make mistakes with your grammar, then your readers might start to question your integrity and ability as a writer. In light of this, knowing how to protect yourself from possible grammar check mistakes is really very important. The following is a list of some of the major things that as a copywriter you will need to have an eye on when you check grammar in your web content:

grammar checking in copywriting

Proper punctuation

The main reason why I have decided to start with proper punctuation is simply because of the fact that it tends to be the major concern for copywriters. The worst thing about punctuation is that it’s really hard to take note when you are proofreading. Most people would normally correct typos, bad tense but may never even realize a problem with punctuation. Sadly, punctuation is part and parcel of grammar and putting extra attention in this can save you a lot of embarrassing situations. When it comes to proper grammar always look for the simple things. Full stops, capital letters and comas are some of the major things you should ensure are used right in the content.


People who are yet to fully master the keyboard are prone to typos and they do happen practically every time. If you are using Microsoft word, the auto correct features may at times change the typo into a real word and while in most cases it gets the word right, in others it may replace it with a totally different word. This is where grammar checking for typos becomes very critical. You have to go through your content word for word and see if there are any words used out of context, strangely misspelled or misplaced all over the article. Typos are not that difficult to find compared to punctuation so this should not be taking a lot of your proofreading time.

Run on sentences

You can write your sentences in a short and well punctuated manner to avoid incidents of run on sentences. The sad thing is when it comes to web content writing sometimes short sentences won’t really cut it. You can write long sentences and still make them grammatically right. The only thing you should take care of is the punctuation. If you don’t remove run on sentences from your content, then you run the risk of sounding very strange to the audience you are writing for. If you find that most of the time you are making mistakes with punctuation, then it is advisable to avoid long sentences in the future. This will save you a lot of potential mistakes.


If you have used any abbreviations in your content, then when you check grammar its best to ensure that all abbreviations have been punctuated correctly. There is a unique way in which an abbreviation should be done. Each letter must be separated by a full stop and must all be in cap locks. If your content has it otherwise, then you have no choice but to make the changes. Sometimes you may ignore abbreviations and later they will cost you a lot of readership because people may not relate to what they are if you have not punctuated them properly.

There is a huge challenge out there for copywriters to make sure that each post the write is good and perfect from a grammatical point of view. The trick is knowing what to look for and the tips above will surely help any copywriter who wants great grammar in every post.



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