Tips To Prepare Your Garden for Spring Time

Winter is usually a quiet time in the garden since you have the excuse of it being too cold outside to work in the garden. When the winter ends and before the spring arrives, you will again be caught up in nurturing your garden and sowing seeds to bring it back to life that the winters deprived it from.

Here are few tips to prepare your garden for arrival of the spring:

Tips To Prepare Your Garden

1. Clear up flower beds and borders

Tidy up the lawn, ponds and flower borders by removing debris and leaves from them. Cut the dead growth of herbaceous perennials and deciduous grasses, however, if you are particularly fond of wildlife, it is wise to postpone this task for early spring. If the soil of your garden is workable, dig a 5 cm layer of organic matter such as recycled green waste, compost or well rotted manure.

2. Clean your greenhouse

It is a good idea to wash the greenhouse before the spring arrives. This is because it is soon going to be home to a number of cuttings and seedlings. Sweep away remains of plants and leaves from the benches and disinfect them with a garden disinfectant. Disinfect the insides of the glass too. Ventilate the greenhouse properly to allow it to dry.

3. Sow seeds that need a longer season

Sow plant seeds that have a longer growing season. Plants such as Begonias, Peppers, Aubergines and Geraniums need to be planted in a heated germinator to ensure growth.

4. Hunt down garden pests now

It is advised that you hunt down pests now. If you have not cleared pots of last summer till now, this is the time to clear them and look for white vine weevil larvae. You may also find snails, slugs and aphid colonies on the crowns of perennial plants. Destroy any such pests that you find using a parasitic nematode.

5. Fix fences and iron gates for gardens

Although it may still be cold outside, it is the right time to get those small jobs done. Any broken tools or gates are best fixed now so that you have more time to spend with plants when the spring arrives. Do not forget to treat wood structures with a preservative during dry periods.

6. Hire professional landscapers

Consider hiring the services of landscape designers to do up your garden. Since they have been doing them for long, they know the amount of time, effort and resources that will be required to prepare your garden for spring. They will also be able to do more work on your trees, shrubs and plants. Landscapers can also re-sand, clean and seal paving stones to remove car oil, algae and cooking grease from hardscape surfaces.

7. Create a composting area

If you still haven’t set up a compost area in your garden, this is the right time to do it. Either get a readymade compost bin or use spare wood to create one. This will allow you to have a place to dump all your garden waste and benefit from it once it breaks down to become manure.

There is no denial that there is a lot to do to recover from harsh winters. These 7 tips will go a long way in allowing you to get your garden in shape after winters and make it ready for spring.

Gardens can be a great escape from the everyday fuss and having a garden that has been well taken care of can make your life and your family’s life really rel


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